Happy / Loony New Year to you all.

Sorry this message is a bit late, unfortunately I have been flooded out of my flat, and am living in the local Premier Inn until repairs are completed. I haven’t had access to my computer.
This year started where the last one finished, Locked Down, Locked Out and Locked up. Until May that was, then we were all up and running for the local elections. May 6th saw The Flying Brick contesting the Hartlepool Parliamentary By-election. Plus an ‘Asylum of Loonys’ contesting various Town and Parish elections around the country, of which we came out with 6 seats, very well done to you all.
September saw us all converge on Louth Lincolnshire for our annual conference, all went well, and a great time was had by all.
December turned out to be a very good month for us, two by-elections in a fortnight. Firstly Bexley and Sidcup in Greater London Dec 2nd, Mad Mike Young was a great ‘Defender of our Faith’ and put on a great show, with the help of myself and our local party members from that area.
Dec 16th I was the candidate in Shropshire North coming 8th from 14 candidates, once again with The Brick being my agent and local party members joining in.
The Guinness Book of Records have now accepted my claim to being the longest serving Parliamentary Party Leader in GB, having just usurped Clement Attlee, who funnily enough once live in Fleet Hampshire where I do. He did 21 years, I have now been leader for 22 years, so will be in the GBR the next issue later this year. Thanks to my publicist Sir Derrill Carr.
Conference this year not finalised as yet, but will be soon. Keep an eye on the web site.
Once again thanks to all who have obtained a copy of my autobiography ‘The Great White Hope’, if you don’t have a copy as yet, it can be arranged, an autographed book. Call 07946292557 for more details.
See you all somewhere later in the year. Stay Loony
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader