Dewsbury East

Apathy again won in Dewsbury East but we received 6% of the vote which is an incredible result.

On the Count Day and to the astonishment of the other parties we obtained a guest pass for Sir Archibald’s right hand man Gilly.
As there were 23 wards being counted Cathedral House in Huddersfield was full and buzzing with excitement.
We received a great deal of publicity and everyone wanted to have their photograph taken with us.
Sir Archibald and Gilly were asked by The Returning Officer to speak to a group of young schoolchildren who were visiting as part of their “insight into Politics “ project.
We made the point that ours was the only Official Party and all the others were not official.
Johnny Ringo and Baron von Rainer were our Count Agents and we returned home on a high to some valued liquid refreshment.
Looking forward to our next Campaign which will be Wakefield.
Sir Archibald Stanton