Party needs (to) Learn to Lie

The Faux Fibbers, who would have been playing at this years conference had it been going ahead, have just released a new album – ‘Learn to lie’ on Blang Records. Lead singer, Knigel Knapp, one of the MRLP five Deputy Leaders, says the album is full of nutty, blues-tinged psych-pop and that it’s bloody great! – He’s not lying.

“The Faux Fibbers new album ‘Learn to Lie’ a review! Very good, some very funny interesting songs. Someone, somewhere, one day will get to know of the song writing prowess of Nigel Knapp and Jerry Wigens, and they will become very rich from others recording their material. If ‘The Fibbers’ don’t get there first. This set of songs is excellent.”
Alan ‘Laud Howling’ Hope. Leader of The Monster Raving Loony Party

You won’t be able to buy the CD at this years conference but u can order it here –
It is also available to download at all the usual downloading sites.