Roundup 2023

I trust you had a great Christmas. Is it just me, is Christmas time not quite the same since lockdown?
We got off to a flying start in early January when A Gent Chinners appeared on The James Whale Show. This was followed with the West Lancashire by-election in February where I gained 210 votes.
March was a bad time for us when we said say goodbye to our Deputy Chairman Barmy Lord Brockman, he died all of a sudden which was very sad.
Later in March Lord Benny Baker gained 22 votes in the Gloucester City Election. We retained 5 seats in the local elections, plus a double defection. Steve Exotic and Paul the Poet who were ‘Independent’ on the North Allerton Council ‘walked across the floor’ to become members of The Loony Party.
The Monster Raving Loony were the subject of an exhibition at the museum in Ashburton, the town where our party was formed in 1982. Screaming Lord Sutch stood for the first time under our new name in 1983, Tower Hamlets in London, so this year is our 40th anniversary of campaigning! Our first sixteen conferences were held in this town so many in Ashburton donated memorabilia.
On May 19th I was guest speaker at Eton College, Lord Lawson and OB Joyful came along with me, it was an interesting day and we were well looked after.
Next up, in July, Sir Archibald Stanton and Gilly stood in Selby and Ainsty, same day as I stood Uxbridge and Ruislip. Dare I say none of us won, but then we didn’t come last either. Also in July I was a guest on ‘The Vermin Supreme’ Show out in New Hampshire USA. We had some great banter when I told him that his place was a fake, and I lived in Old Hampshire England the original.
Our September conference was held at our Welsh HQ the Neuadd Arms Hotel, Llanwrtyd Wells. This was our 39th conference and for the very first time ever, it rained on the Saturday for our ‘Cabinet Reshuffle’. The whole weekend was dedicated to Barmy Lord Brockman, RIP my friend.
October 19th saw two by-election’s, in Tamworth and Mid bedfordshire. I was the candidate in Tamworth, gaining 155 votes. Many watched the result and wondered why I was not on TV for the declaration. That morning I had been ambulanced to hospital where I remained for ten days. I am pleased to report that all is fine now. In Mid Bedfordshire, our candidate The Mid Bed Minx did very well polling 249 votes.
I was interviewed and filmed for a TV piece on Dec 20th to be shown on London Live, I will let you know when it will be broadcast.
Remember, remember there will be Local Elections in 2024, plus a General. Locals are all free of charge, Generals are £500 deposit, but you can get it back if you obtain enough votes. You can’t just stand, you must get authorisation from our Nominations Officer, he can be got on 07946292557 or
I would much like to thank the team Flying Brick, Baron Von Thunderclap, RU Seerius, Knigel Knapp, and A Gent Chinners the world famous Twitterer.
Not forgetting all our Party Members and followers, thank you for just being who you are. Also people who have obtained a copy of my book, thank you very much.
So that’s about it for now.
You all have a fantastic New Year. I’m off to Malta in January to meet up with our Mediterranean Loonies. I have not been there for 6 years now, so some stories to tell I expect.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope, Loony Party Leader