Lord Hannah of Pilcot

2015_0222_News_and_Mail_Martin_Hannah_14_JanI’m very sad to have to report the passing of ‘Lord Hannah of Pilcot’.
Martin Hannah had been a member of The Loony Party for many years, maybe some will remember him from the conferences that he attended in Jersey, Hook, and the two in Fleet. Martin was in fact a real Lord and sat on the Dogmersfield Parish Council as a member of our party. He owned a very palatial building in Dogmersfield, Hampshire, called ‘The Barracks’, so important to the area was this building that his front room was used as a polling station at every election. Martin was always the first to vote taking his 52 year old Teddy Bear with him. (Google :- Lord Hannah of Pilcot). Martin owned his own aeroplane and actually flew himself to the Jersey conference. Martin passed away in hospital on Wed 7th Jan after being admitted on Christmas Eve at the age of 56, no age at all. We are led to believe that he insisted on taking a bottle of Brandy and a glass along with him, purporting maybe, ‘this is the way I lived so this is the way I’ll die’, supposedly. A real stalwart until the end, so long Martin, thanks for the memories, a very good friend of us all.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope