General Election Year May 7th 2015

2015_0221_The_Times_TMSNow Christmas and the New Year is all over its time to think about this seriously, only 114 days away as I write! We are sorry to say that, at this precise moment in time, we are not in a position to say that we have a definite sponsorship to talk about. So if you are standing, you will have to consider self funding. On a smaller scale, right now if you started to get it together, you would need £31 per week for the 16 weeks to be in the clear. We have not given up ‘Hope’, our powers that be, are still working on sponsorship, but this is the worst scenario. I know that some have come forward and said “no problem I can manage without” but if we do pull it off, they can be included as well, if they wanted to be!
Please, please remember, you cannot stand for our party, or any other party for that matter, unless you get a properly signed nomination form from the party’s  Nomination Officer. His phone no is 07946292557.
You have time to think about this, because he is off to Malta this coming Thurs 15th Jan.
So he will be putting it all together as from Monday 16th Feb. If you should need to talk to somebody in his absence you can call Nick Delves on 07973324985 or 01335370038.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
Howling ‘Laud’