Election Results

Farmin’ Lord Dave – Denton South – 206
Trevor Allman – Blackheath Greenwich -106
Chinners – Chessington North – 82
Howling Laud – Hart District – 60
Baron Badger – Walton North – 38
Monkey – Molesey East – 22

Although he didn’t make Hart District Council, ‘Howling Laud’ did retain his seat for another 4 years, with an overwhelming unopposed vote on Fleet Town Council.
Well done to all of you who actually stood, and a very big thank you to all those that voted for us. There was not one seat that had more than a 40% turn out, so 50% wasted votes. Imagine if they had all voted for us? The only wasted vote is one that’s not used. Looking
at it that way, if voting was made compulsory, I’d like to think that we’d
probably win – And that’s probably why it’s not!!!
A drink on me for all contestants at the conference and a bottle of wine for the outright winner, Farmin’ Lord Dave!

The Howling ‘Laud’
Party Leader.