Keeping Them Honest

Recently this petition appeared on social media and the question was asked “Should the OMRLP get involved?” After all we’ve been saying something similar for many years. Equally, as a Party, we are not keen on legislation for legislation sake – and these Government Petitions don’t have much of a record of changing things.
To my mind this petition is a rebuke to MP’s, as it says ‘we are watching you’, and boy do they take some watching!
The matter would be debated by MP’s after 100,000 signatures are cast. There would be irony and hopefully embarrassment, which is the best we can do in the absence of public stocks! I base this on the last time they were caught in the expenses smash & grab when they introduced and fudged the ‘Recall Act’.
At the end of the day, I believe it is up to each and every Loony to decide if they wish to support the petition, but if we don’t ‘Keep ’em Honest’ who will?
Make it a criminal offence for MPs to mislead the public – Petitions (

I take this opportunity to wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Valentines Day and Easter!
Barmy Lord Brockman of Sealand