Chester By-election Roundup

Didn’t we do well, not coming last once again – he he.

I spent 10 days there embedded in the Wetherspoon ‘Bull and Stirrup’ Hotel. An excellent Party Political HQ, with the kind permission of Sir Tim Martin.

Word soon got around the city that I was there, many people came in / dropped by to say hello. If all those that said that they would vote for me had done so I would have won!

But there it is, I kept our flag flying with the help of my agent ‘Nick the Flying Brick’, superb job as always.

The Brick, Mr RU Seerius, Lady Hel ‘n Bak, Sheikh Mihand and Red Rocket Ron Stevenson were all there on the count night. Once again we stars of the show, with cameras flashing and everybody pleased to see us.

Every candidate was happy and shaking hands, “hello how are you?”, that is until someone wins.
Did you see the look on the Labour winner’s face when I shook her hand. She is now an MP helping to run country for all of us, no matter which party I belong to. I think this was pointed out to her, by more than a couple of people.

Our next foray will be sometime in the New Year, Jan/ Feb not too sure as yet. It will be in The West Lancs constituency and Ormskirk is the central town. Keep an eye on our web site – I shall see you all there if not before my friends.

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader.