Message from the Leader

I trust you are all doing your bit to help out in these harrowing times, keeping yourselves out of harms way I hope. Its going to be a long and boring next 2 or 3 weeks, but we can do it, for the sake of ourselves, and all those that come after us. Not at all good news for any of us at the moment.
On an even sadder note, I must report some recent passings. Its goodbye to Val Bird, Screaming Lord Sutch’s admin for the ‘Official Sutch’ fan club. Wasn’t so much involved in the party, but was always on hand at any Sutch related ‘do’s and helpful with the history side of things.
Next, Leon Slater, Leon lived in Fleet was a party sympathiser attended 4 Conferences in Fleet and Hook all in Hampshire. In fact if you see page 35 of the latest Wetherspoon Mag, you will see Leon on the far left of the first picture, just a couple of months ago.
And then Nick Holden, Nick was a very well established Bass Player, from Camberley, Surrey, you may well remember him from the conferences held in Yateley. A quiet unassuming guy, just dropped dead on the spot, for no apparent reason.
RIP from us all.
Anyway enough of that for quite some time I hope.

Always look on the bright side of life whilst you can. So all being well we shall meet again in September, look after yourselves.

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope