The Naked Truth – A 2021 Calendar

Twenty four ‘real’ men and women, including SEVEN  Official Monster Raving Loonies, posed naked during the first 2020 lockdown to help Lady Lily the Pink in her quest to lighten the load, lift spirits and raise money for a mental health charity.  The chosen charity is the BDD Foundation (Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation) and was chosen by vote from those modelling in the calendar
“it seemed fitting that a calendar portraying 24 real people with plenty of issues, many of which were body related; should chose a charity that deals with mental illnesses caused by body image. Whilst most people have some issues with some part of their body, it becomes a problem when that perceived defect is obsessed about and behaviour and ability to function in everyday life is affected”
Body Dysmorphia can manifest itself in several ways, self-harm, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, OCD; some of the many issues potentially exacerbated with the additional stresses and dysfunctionality of 2020

The idea came about following World Naked Gardening Day on 1st May, Lady Lil, decided to recreate a famous artwork, one of the many paintings of Hilda by Duane Bryers, it seemed like a laugh and she hoped it would put a smile of a few faces.  A couple of friends subsequently sent out to celebrate World Naked Gardening, and the idea of a ‘Calendar girls” style fundraiser was born.

Berni, AKA Lady Lil put a shout out on FB and the response was astounding.  People were invited to photograph themselves or be photographed by someone in their home, doing whatever it is they were doing to pass the time in lockdown.  Photos were sent to Berni who, with the help of Lady Lils Official Photographer from the 2020 by-election, honorary loony, Ann Seymour, a calendar was collated with TWO images per month, and each image accompanied by a little story about the person captured.
Initially they had 150 calendars printed but as December approached it became apparent that more might be needed, so a second print run was arranged.  There are now a further 50 available for sale.
If you would like to support our loony friends and help a fantastically good cause get in touch with Berni / Lady Lil; she’ll even sign the calendar for you!  You never know, she might be Prime Minister one day, stranger things have happened!  Calendars are £10 plus p&p but feel free to make a donation without ordering a calendar (now there’s a loony idea ?   … )
Loonies in the Calendar:
Lady Lily The Pink, Viscount Gaffer, Tilly Twitcher, Bearly Holding It Together Beryl, Arty Pole , Baron Badger, Mad Cow

To order a calendar or speak to Lady Lil : email : or FB Message @ladylilythepink
To find out more about the charity: BDD | Home | Body Dysmorphic Disorder (

To find out more about Ann Seymour, without whom none of this would have been possible

To make a donation just because we’re all crazy and it’s a great cause go to

Pictured clothed : Tilly Twitcher, Lady Lily Pink, Bearly Holding It Together Beryl

Lady Lily the Pink