13 – Lucky for some! Election in Chessington South

All 48 councillor seats in Kingston Upon Thames are up for election in 2022, until one of the Lib Dems decided they had had enough and stepped down meaning a by-election on May 6th 2021 was declared for the ward in Chessington South. The Lib Dems choose a former Labour MP as their candidate and bizarrely Labour choose to field the son of the Lib Dem councillor that had just resigned! With Covid allowances coming into play, meaning only 2 signatures were required, the opportunity was too good to miss so The OFFICIAL Monster Raving Loony Party decided to put up 13 candidates, all regulars in the Lucky Rover Pub . . . the Lucky 13
A uniform in the form of a Santa outfit was chosen to reflect our policy of moving the Christmas Day people had missed out celebrating to May 6th! A Christmas Eve victory party was duly organised with an outdoor acoustic performance by local legend Robin Bibi and a posse from the Green party joined in the celebrations.
Christmas and Boxing Day came and went with the count being held on Sat 8th May at Kensington Olympia along with the London Mayor election count. After a nervous 20 minutes wait to get in (none of us had any ID with our commonly known names!) we were in and surveyed the growing pile of OFFICIAL Loony votes in the trays. We then realised that due to space restrictions, all our votes were in the same tray so they had to do a second count just for us!!

A heart-warming total of 92 votes were secured (see the breakdown elsewhere on this website) with our two brothers ‘winning’ with 1 vote apiece, whilst 6 of our 13 secured more votes each that the 7 obtained by the Trade Union & Socialist candidate!
Our congratulations go to the Returning Officer for his deadpan delivery of our party name . . . 13 times!

Arms were raised, cheers were made and backs were duly slapped for an election full of Loony records.
Needless to say I thank the stars of the show (the candidates) and the support of LandLADY LUCKY & LandLORD ROVER during the whole of this campaign.

The 2022 elections will see the more conventional approach with just 48 candidates . . . . with just one in each ward!