Chinners in Kingston & Surbiton

Another hectic Election preparing loads of mock election packs, newspaper, TV & Radio interviews whilst managing to squeeze in a couple of the constituency hustings, which I must say were the most cordial yet that I’ve attended.

As ever the serious stuff eventually began with my Victory Party in my Loony HQ, The Lucky Rover on Wednesday 11th December. The jaw-dropping Frankie Connolly & his Loony All-Stars were amazing and even a couple of the other candidates turned up to ‘celebrate’ with Jamie Briggs winning the best hat prize.

The count itself were greeted to a loud ‘Good Afternoon’ around 1am in the morning. Sir Ed Davey arrived and made a beeline to chat to me and my agent Lucky landlord George before the results were announced.

A steady increase of 15 votes on 2017 with a total of 193 and pushing UKIP into the final place by 69 votes to polish off a most enjoyable campaign.

Finally, respect to Sir Ed Davey for inviting me to his own ‘Victory Party’ after the count!