Christmas Greetings From The Isles of Deliberation

All the gang from The Isles Of Deliberation Party would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year. Many congratulations to all those stalwart Loonies who took part in elections across the country this past year and Boris ‘The Bumbling Oaf’ must be quaking in his shoes at the prospect of a looming victory somewhere soon for the OMRLP.
Our Island is still being bullied by the cowardly French Government and their even nastier fishermen who are hell bent on sinking the Jersey Fleet! However, the Isles Of Deliberation Party Defence Corps are ready to sally forth and execute ‘Operation Oran’ on the frog fishing fleet tied up in St. Malo and Cherbourg. (Look up what the British did to the French fleet in Oran during WW2!)
We also had a visit from Professor Retard and Tiger – Earl of for a week and a rousing time was had by all with a stonking “Run Ashore” to finish it off – perhaps it is time we had the conference here again!? I was also in Ashburton a while ago and was repeatedly asked by the Old Timers when we were going to have a conference in the HQ town again. Bring it on!! Also my best to Joe Jammer who was not well recently but is back on the road again now – always a pleasure talking to you on the phone Joe.
Have a cracking time everyone and please make sure you contact us if any of you visit here – it will be of the greatest pleasure to entertain you and partake of liquid refreshment if you so desire.
The Jersey Flyer – Chairman OMRLP
Chief Isles Of Deliberation Loony