Wakefield Report

The Wakefield by-election was held on 23rd June 2022. Our candidate was local toff Sir Archibald Stanton one of the few candidates standing actually having a WF postcode.

All the Loony Party members congregated at our by-election HQ the Victoria Pub in Horbury early evening in anticipation of the count later that night. Some members enjoying a curry beforehand. There were eleven of us in total including Gilly, Sir Archibald’s right hand man.

The Count was at Thornes Park Athletic Stadium and on arrival shortly after 12.30am we were greeted to our customary reception with heads turning, cameras flashing and loud cheers.
People were keen to have photographs taken with us and remarked on our colourful attire.

Interviews were conducted and worldwide coverage from the TV stations ensured that we had much appreciated publicity.
There was a low turnout and as predicted the successful party’s name began with the letter L (Loony that is).

We finished tenth out of fifteen successfully beating the UKIP candidate.
The announcement was made shortly before 4am and afterwards we all went our separate ways proud in the certain knowledge that our Party had carried out its democratic duty.

A great night was had by all and we send our thanks to all our supporters and sponsors out there.
Watch out there’s a Loony about . . .
Sir Archibald Stanton of Earl ‘Eaton