Brecon & Radnor by-election 1st Aug 2019: Lady Lily the Pink

Pushing forward with the election campaign

I confirm I will be standing (possibly slouching, or leaning) occasionally squatting or kneeling, but not lying, in the local by-election taking place on 1st August

I have been quite poorly this last few weeks, my doctor diagnosed a ‘sensible virus ‘ after reading this statement:
Just because I don’t care for the so called ‘sensible’ parties doesn’t mean I don’t care for the community I live in. I am a Monster Raving Loony because they are the only Party that is on your side no matter what your political persuasion may be. We use humour to provoke political discussion.

People tell me that they don’t bother voting because nothing changes but the sensible parties love a bit of voter apathy…. the less people voting the less people they have to cater for….they can just carry on in a system of self-servitude.

Working in the home office

It’s a fact, more people don’t vote than do. The none voters represent the majority, if that majority all voted for None of the Above, it would be a political mudslide, there really is nothing wrong with the occasional spot of serious loonyism, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes sense, I mean look at the mess we’re in; to quote… Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the Right
So I say, I am “None of the Above’ , Don’t don’t vote; if you don’t know what to think, vote Pink!

Lady Lil is also delighted to announce that the great Howling Laud Hope will be resident at Loony H/Q (AKA Neuadd Arms Hotel, Llanwrtyd Wells) from 28th July to help on the campaign trail whilst also celebrating 20 years as leader of the Party, making him the longest standing Political Party Leader ever! Come and join the Party party and drink a drink a drink to Lily the Pink (and The Howling Laud)