Sir Archibald Stanton Earl ‘Eaton

Nominations closed at 4pm on 25th May 2022 for the Wakefield by-election.
There are 15 candidates standing including our local man Sir Archibald Stanton. Sir Archibald and Nick the Flying Brick lodged the Loony Party nomination papers at the magnificent County Hall Wakefield on Tuesday.
Sir Archibald suggested a change to the election rules which the Wakefield Elections Department are considering:-
The Returning Officer will draw out the winning MP from the candidate’s nominations all put into a big top hat.
The prize-draw will happen after all the  counting tellers, election staff and party supporters led by Jon Craig and Laura Kuenssberg have spent election night singing, line dancing and doing the hokey-cokey.
Because that’s what it’s all about!
Our Party Leader Howling Laud Hope is arriving in the Constituency 19th June and Chinners and the Baron are busy behind the scenes with Twitter, badges and rosettes.
Our local men Johnny Ringo and MP Thompson will be giving Archie a helping hand during the next few weeks.
Nick the Flying Brick