Brecon and Radnorshire roundup

Lily writes:
Well there you have it , by-election done and dusted . . . And guess what? WE BEAT UKIP! By a lot! A surge of loony support, giving Lady Lil 334 votes +1% to UKIPs 242.
Screaming Lord Sutch beat the SDP back in the 1990 Bootle by-election and that saw their demise. Maybe this is the final nail in the UKIP coffin?
I’ve had an absolute blast this last 5 weeks, I’ve met amazing people, dished out my fair share of cwtches (Welsh hugs), I’ve sung and danced with people in the streets. It’s been awesome. People on the whole are ordinarily extraordinary, and I find that totally wonderful.
My aim was to get people out to vote when they might otherwise have not. I can happily declare my mission accomplished as the by-election turnout was 59.72 %
The Lib-Dems knocked the Tories out but by a surprisingly slim margin seeing as they ran with the disgraced candidate who had recently been found guilty of forging invoices for his expense claim and had lost a recall petition with 19% veto.
Lily ended by saying “right, where are my meds? Stick me in a tent in a field and let me sleep for three days” . . . And as far as we know that’s where she is . . .
Lady Lily the Pink


Howling writes:
‘Brecon Beckoned’, and we were there in all our glory. I arrived at our Welsh Party HQ, ‘The Neuadd Arms Hotel’, in Llanwrtyd Wells, which is within the constituency, on Sunday 28th July. Very surprised do be told “we are holding a welcoming party tonight”. Lady Lily the Pink our candidate excelled herself, along with other Welsh Party members. Monday saw myself with Lily and John, canvassing Llandridnod Wells and Knighton. They dropped me off in middle of the towns, I canvassed the public houses whilst they went leaflet dropping, it works well that way. Monday evening saw us at a Hustings in Presteign, 250-300 people, guess who the star of the show was, yes, of course, it was our Lily. Lily went to Brecon on Tuesday and delivered her last 200 leaflets all on her own, whilst I once again did the local public houses of Llanwrtyd. Wednesday was a rest day before the storm.

Election Day Thursday 1st, we all mustered up at the HQ to head of to Builth Wells where the count was held. Chris Rogers, party Member, aka Lord Offa of the Dykes, had arranged for our pre election victory party to be in the ‘Barley Mow’ in Builth. Whereupon we were joined by The Flying Brick, Mr R.U. Seerius, and Lady Hell ’n Bak for the final proceedings. Thirteen of us proceeded to the count at the ‘Builth Showground’. Wow, what a reception, the whole worlds cameras were waiting for us. Lily once again was the star of the show.

Lily and I walked in together, the cameras wouldn’t stop clicking. Political counts always look forward to our ‘Loony Party’ entrance, and do we know how to do that.
Great chat and banter throughout the parade, a lot of the usual suspects there. All wanting to congratulate Lily on the way that she had conducted her campaign. She certainly was a Loony Party credit, was the words I heard on more than one occasion. I can vouch for that having been with her for a week, an amazing show.
Not all over yet, the result. The place erupted when it was finally announced that Lily had beaten UKIP. Wow what a result. They will probably pack up now, as Dr David Owen’s SDP did in Bootle in 1990 when we beat them.

Saturday night the HQ held a meet and greet party. Come and meet Britain’s longest serving political party leader of 20 years. A very special oil painting commissioned by Anna-Lisa Coleman was presented to me on behalf of all our Welsh Loony Party members. I must admit I was quite overwhelmed and honoured!

All in all a wonderful performance, thanks to all our Welsh Loony’s, especially Anna-Lisa, Hugo Shovit, Dana minister for Fiddles, Craig, Lindsay and team at the Neuadd and all the fantastic people of Llanwrtyd.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Loony Party Leader.