The Rodent in Rochdale

Ravin’ Rodent Subortna had a magnificent team at the Rochdale by-election. Nick the Flying Brick, RU Seerius, Hell’n Bak, Sir Archibald Stanton, Gilly Mini-Me, Ringo, Susie Queue, Sir Oink-a-Lot, Farmin’ Dave and the Psychobilly Tractor all worked tirelessly to engage with the Rochdale electorate.

Our campaign ‘think tank’ drove senselessly around town on election night eventually crashing into the ‘Regal Moon’.
Once settled into the pub the group debated on how to improve rodent conditions and the environment by raising the level of the Rochdale swamp.

Soon after midnight the band of Loony Party devotees walked to the count seeking refuge in the existential effects of gravity and fearing the absurdity of what lay ahead. We need not have worried as we were greeted with open arms and the many candidates and their supporters were friendly and seemed genuinely pleased we were there.
The count had a physical and real atmosphere with the green walls of the Rochdale Leisure Centre reflecting on all surfaces. The counting tellers rolled bundles of ballots into tubes of twenty five and planted them into potting trays which were beautifully displayed in front of the main entrance into the hall.

Some reporters and their interviewees spent the early morning seeking out and randomly jumping in front of Sir Oink-a-Lot causing confusion across the nation.

As the evening rolled on it became increasingly clear that the ‘Circus of George’ had once again won the day.

George was a bit late to the count and was the last to know! He vigorously shook the Rodent’s hand when he was surprised by the news.

The Loony crew lay in wait at the back of the stage hoping to taste the glory only to be covered in orange confetti thrown by a militant Hari Krishna shouting ‘top the soil’.
Another interesting night in the loonyverse.
Nick the Flying Brick