Lord Bath of Longleat

Sorry more sad news, another friend of mine/ours, Lord Bath of Longleat, Alexander to his friends, has passed away. He helped set up ‘The Wessex Regionalist Party’ with our friend Colin Bex. If any of you were with me at the Kensington and Chelsea By-election in 1997, you will remember that he met up with us at our victory party in the pub before we went to the count. The last time I saw him was in Frome, Somerset, when myself and Derrill Carr were organising one of our Co-ALE-ition beers at the Milk Street Brewery about 4 years ago. He was 87, it was this deadly Corona thing that he succumbed too. R I P my friend, from all in the Monster Raving Loony Party, and I guess we speak for many more.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader.