Blackpool Rock ‘n’ Roll

There is always an air of expectation when you travel to Blackpool, especially for a by-election. What more can you ask than to have the Wetherspoons ‘Velvet Coaster’ as constituency HQ with kind permission of Sir Tim Martin. Sam and his gang looked after us well and we entertained lots of visitors. I visited the ‘Layton Rakes’ and the ‘Albert & Lion’ and was invited by the Cleverleys to meet up in the ‘Jolly Tars’ where there may be another by-election pending! I can’t add these Spoons to my count of 725 as they were revisits, but all were very welcoming.
I was reminded of the Loony Party’s campaign for all day drinking and that we were the first Party to propose plastic bank notes to float the pound. They listen to us, we are the government ‘think tank!’
My thanks to Nick the Flying Brick who drove all the way to Blackpool a few weeks ago to obtain the ten nominations.
I spent two weeks in Blackpool. I stayed first with party members Lord & Lady Gildaroy, at their hotel in Holmfield Road, and my second week with Graham Clench and Richard at their Arlington Hotel in Leopold Grove.
I was joined in the second week by Lawd Lawson and OB Joyful from Hampshire, and Red Rocket Ron from Liverpool. I was joined for the night of the Count by Flying Brick, RU Seerius and Lady Hell’n Bak from Derbyshire, Sir Oink-a-Lot from Manchester, Gilly & Sir Archibald Stanton from Dewsbury.
There were lots of cameras flashing and interviews waiting as soon as we entered the Count at Blackpool Sports Centre. It was an interesting evening meeting old political friends and encountering new ones. It was almost 5.30am when the count was declared and I polled 121 votes and didn’t come last!
I also stood for the Hart Council in the local elections which I didn’t get but I still retain my Fleet Council seat.
We are gearing up for the forthcoming General Election. If you fancy your chances you must give me a call on 07946 292557 for authorisation
Howling Laud Hope – Loony Party Leader