Lord Brockman round-up

A by-Election was called for Evesham Town Council (South Ward) when the Conservative candidate, who had been elected in May, resigned immediately. Does that sound familiar? It’s not the first time the so called serious parties have ‘borrowed’ a Loony idea . Two elections in 12 weeks and polling day the hottest in UK history, saw a very low turn out of just 13.7%.
I stood as a candidate with the conviction to nod, the courage to point and the experience to cram buzzwords into every interview. “Tough on things and tough on the cause of things!”
It must have worked because in May I was last of 6 and this time I was 3rd of 4th candidates. Green Party 299 Liberal Democrats 125 Official Monster Raving Loony Party 60 Mary Campbell 51 Now I must work on my nodding & pointing skills in preparation for what ever happens next. Good luck to Lady Lilly The Pink on August 1st.
Lord Brockman