Ministerial Loony Activities – Part Uno

Many of our OFFICIAL Loony Ministers have been very busy bees of late so we think it is only proper & correct to inform you all about some of their current pound sterling work in a mini Loony series of updates in the next couple of weeks on this website…

Howling Laud Hope – Party Leader
One night back in the early 1960’s our Glorious Party Leader upstaged a new band on the scene who called themselves The Beatles. Details of this footnote in history can be explored further in his book
‘The Great White Hope’

Lord Bob Harris – Minister of Testing Whispers & Whistles
On a similar note, back in the day that band had written so many songs that they could not record them all. Lord Harris, along with music journalist Colin Hall, are now undertaking an intimate speaking tour until May 2024 discussing
‘The Songs The Beatles Gave Away’

Lady Sophie Green – Minister for Conserving Leopard’s Spots
Our ridiculously talented Mighty Fine Artist raises much needed money for conservation projects, and currently has one of her original pieces up for auction in aid of ‘Explorers Against Extinction‘. We are very much looking forward to her future project to help ‘Save the Dodo’

Lord John Robb – Minister of the Alternative Underground
‘The Power of ROCK N ROLL’ is a long held passion of the party since our Spiritual Leader, Screaming Lord Sutch, first stood for election back in 1963. Lord Robb will be discussing this and much more on his spoken word Spring tour of 2024 ‘The Power of ROCK N ROLL

Lord Taylor Mod – Minister of Magic Circles and #MagicModMonday
After years of practice and studying, we are delighted to announce that our Magical Minister has now passed all the tests and is now an OFFICIAL member of The Magic Circle

More Ministerial updates coming soon…