Ynys Môn – Isle of Anglesey

My name came from a colleague who one day burst out, ‘You’re just a grumpy dwarf aren’t you!’, another colleague Latin-ised it and I added the title and initial. This is a first for me, and for Anglesey, the Loony Party standing for Ynys Môn(ster). My Council Electoral Office seemed really quite bemused, but were extremely helpful.
These were my policies which helped me achieve 156 votes in the general election

  • A Unique Time Zone for Wales
    Reduce the hour from 60 minutes to 40, fully reversing the 20mph speed limits back to what they were without the cost of changing all the signs – again, and creating a whole new industry in manufacturing Welsh time pieces.
  • Build the Needed 3rd Bridge/Crossing – From Dublin
  • Grey Squirrels Entering Anglesey illegally will be sent to Rwanda (We only have reds)
  • Build Wylfa B nuclear power station, reverse the generated power into the wind-farms which would then propel Anglesey to an EU country of choice.
  • A Private Member’s Bill to make the misuse or omission of apostrophe’s a Criminal Offence
    Sir Grumpus L Shorticus