Our Loony Party Candidates

Citizen Skwith – Brighton Pavilion
The Raving Mr P – Peterborough
George Ridgeon – Cheltenham
The Iconic Arty Pole – Louth/Horncastle
Nick Blunderbuss – Kenilworth/Southam
Mark Beech – Aldridge/Brownhills
Mad Mike Young – Sittingbourne/Sheppey
Howling Laud Hope – North East Hampshire
The Mid Bed Minx – Mid Bedfordshire
Dame Dixon – Hove/Portslade
Barmy Lord Brockman – Mid Worcestershire
Chinners – Kingston/Surbiton
Lady Lily the Pink – Brecon/Radnorshire
Lord Bucket Head – Uxbridge
Baron Von Thunderclap – Mid Sussex
Farmin’ Lord F’tang Dave – Denton/Reddish
Just John – Clacton-on-Sea
Sir Archibald Stanton – Dewsbury
Badger – Esher/Walton
Martin Hogbin – East Surrey
Mark CitiZen Lawrence – Chelmsford
Lord Sandys – Islington South
Incredible Flying Brick – Islington North
Earl Elvis of Outwell – South West Norfolk