Lewisham East By-election roundup

Well, once again we didn’t come last, we left that to Tom Hall of ‘The Young Peoples Party’ which is quite ironic as we started life way back in 1963 as the ‘National Teenage Party.’

It all started for me on Thurs 7th when I booked into the Venture Hotel in Deptford, although just outside of the constituency, a lot of people I met lived within the voting area, apart from that it was also a public house ‘The Royal Standard’ which was very popular. Canvassing back and forth on the bus, it was surprising who you would want to talk to you, once you put a Loony Badge on Well looked after by Ade and Jazz, nice place, nice people, nice company.

Next four days was spent with my Cousin Martin Horton, and his wife Jackie in Brockley. Once again not quite within the constituency, but near enough to be able to use as a local address for the forthcoming election. Thank you Martin.

On the Tues 12th I attended a Hustings meeting at the local Salvation Army Hall, quite an experience, I got through my speech with flying colours, but as soon as Ukip candidate got up the racist accusations started, the police stopped the meeting just before the end, afraid of repercussions they said. What would have been more in line would have been to move the protesters on, and let a peaceful ‘Hustings Meeting’ continue.
So eight days in all, trying to be our very first member of Parliament, all to no avail, I’m sorry, but at least we did try.

On the count night we all met up in the Catford Constitutional Club. The Flying Brick, Baron Badger, Lady Helen Back, Chinners, Mr R U Seerius and Sir Knigel Knapp. The same place where Chinners and Knigel got all the nomination names from. We were joined by Sean Finch and his Libertarian Party, although we did invite every party along to join us. Sir Knigel gave a solo performance and preview of songs on his latest yet to be released album. A good fun evening all in all, and so on to the count.

We didn’t bother getting there in any rush, as we were informed that it would be 3pm before the result would be announced. We got there 12.45 to join in, and it was virtually all over apart from the official result. We made our usual noisy but very complex entry, much to the applause and smiles of all who were watching.

We came 9th out of 14 candidates with 93 votes, low turnout 33.35%. You only needed 1,099 votes to retain your deposit. Only 3 party’s did that.

When you consider that one of our voting catch phrases is ‘The only wasted vote is the one that’s not used’, just consider what the outcome could have been if the 44,084 people who didn’t bother to vote, actually voted for us ! ! ! !

It will happen one day, when people realise that we are the only party that’s on every body’s side no matter what your political persuasion may be !

Here’s to the next one, whenever. If not before, I shall see you all at the Conference in Belper Derbyshire, Sept 27-28-29th. See – loonyparty.com – for more details.
The Howling ‘Laud’