Co-ALE-ition Gold confirmed sale – is this an “I was there magic moment?”

2014_5802_Oliver Cromwell_Co-ale-gold_Aug_002It has taken more than 8 months from the official launch at Langham brewery in early Dec 2013 for Co-ALE-ition Gold to appear in a free house in Howling’s local area. We have got close many times but each time we haves got our hops up we discovered that Co-ALE-ition Gold had been rebranded and sold as as Arapaho with a completely different pumpclip even in the many situations where Derrill and Alan had agreed the saloe and supplied the pub lead and contact details to Langham brewery. 2014_5803_Oliver Cromwell_Co-ale-gold_Aug_003The most recent example was at the Waggon and Horses pub in Hartley Wintney earlier this month which deprived the landlord (Niall) from becoming the 1st pub to have all 6 Co-ALE-ition ales on sale in a period of less than a year and consequently missing out on his Howling personally signed and framed OMRLP certificate.

It has been a very frustrating period working with Langham’s brewery but we cracked it at last with Co-ALE-ition Gold appearing at the Rose and Crown in Sandhurst last week. This current CAMRA Berkshire Pub of the Year, which also hosted the official launch of Monsters In the Dark last month, is fully committed to taking all 6 Co-ALE-ition ales this year.

Here are a couple of photos which Derrill took at the Rose and Crown in Sandhurst of this momentous occasion, which will probably never be repeated again in our lifetimes. Derrill marked this pint of Co-ALE-ition Gold, 5 out of 5 on CAMRA’s whatpub website, it really was superb. Derrill went back again with a group of friends and drank some more pints of Co-ALE-ition Gold the very next day but alas it was gone after that session.