Richmond and Northallerton round-up

Our colourful team were Sir Archibald, Gilly, RU Seerius, Lady Hell ’n Back, Johnny Ringo, Susie Queue, Lord Stifflegs of Leyburn, Lady Di Lilli Pilli, locals Paul the Political Poet and Stew Exotic with his tiger Lazy Ass.
We rendezvoused for the evening at The Buck, the local Wetherspoons pub in Northallerton where Elspeth the manageress and the locals made us extremely welcome and where we were interviewed by Charlie from Tatler magazine.
We convened around 12.30am at the strict security count venue, Northallerton Leisure Centre prompting Gilly to say ‘we’ve seen more guns here than at the OK corral’
There were numerous photographs taken via the news networks and other candidates along with multiple interviews by the global TV and radio channels while the count was in progress.
Eventually after waiting for the arrival of the Prime Minister the result was announced shortly after 4.40am and I polled 99 votes and came 10th out of 13 candidates.
Gilly was once again prominent on the podium and our Party was supported by one of the other candidates on the podium who proudly displayed a large letter ‘L’ for Loony.
I managed to chat to the Prime Minister about Ringo’s mortgage going through the roof before we all departed the venue singing ‘we gotta get out of this place, if its the last thing we ever do’, to the great amusement of the Police.
Archie to mates – Sir Archibald to Magistrates