Loony New Years Honours 2024

As is customary, OFFICIAL Loony Ministries have been awarded to worthy recipients for several years now with 2023 seeing additional honours bestowed to commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III as well as to others we just felt deserved one!
In fact back in late January, we outlined our reasons to appoint Lord Tony Blackburn to the Loonyverse official-birthday-honours after decades of being over-looked and are delighted to note that the UK Honours Committee have finally seen the error of their ways by addressing this issue with an OBE for Lord Blackburn!
So in no particular order, we can now reveal the class of 2024 . . .

Lord Alice Cooper – Minister of Home Skooling.
Sadly after the Poison of lockdowns imposed upon the youth of the UK a few years ago, many have still not returned to school to continue their education with some sources suggesting a rise of over 50% upon pre Covid figures! Lord Cooper’s vast experience of this issue, and not just while they are out for Summer, will benefit all under Eighteen aged Frankenstein’s who have found themselves Under the Wheels of the system, with his No More Mr Nice Guy approach so we Welcome him to his Nightmare of a Ministry with a Hello-Hooray!

Wee Lady Claire Lim – Minister of Twitchy Hot Pod Time & Comic Con Mixtapes Machines.
In preparation for her ministerial duties, ‘American’ resident Lady Lim imbibed a two-week treatment of Hot Toddies whilst in bed with the flu that resulted from receiving the news of the aforementioned honour that has been appointed to her. We wish her well with her recovery.

Lord James Melville – First Lieutenant & Minister of Nessiteras Rhombopteryx.
Following in the footsteps of his influential namesakes, the Minister & Reformer (1556-1614), Diplomat & Writer (1535-1617), Labour Politician (1885-1931) and most importantly for his new role, Botanist and Malacologist (1845-1929), Lord Melville has been operating as an OFFICIAL Loony Agent since the 2020 lockdown games on Twitter known as #LoonyLotto. He was so good in this role that it is only now that we can reveal that he was the guardian of our mascot Nessie in the only unsolved game in the series whilst he was having a Great Sleepout.

Lord Paul McNamee – Minister for BIG Issues.
A special music journalist that drew a Blank mixing with Lord Colin Murray whilst taking the New Musical Express. Due to his apolitical stance, Lord McNamee has been appointed as a crossbench Lord which we hope to exchange for a more happy comfy chair for him to cogitate on all the BIG Issues  currently affecting the Loonyverse and not just the politically homeless ones.

Lady Janey Godley – Minister of Honey Flavoured Sausage Dugs.
With the swing of her showstopping placard, Lady Godley will be our loony voiceover for any future General Election campaign which will ensure that we will Trump all those that cant. A live tour has been arranged to rehearse for the imminent Loony Mudslide.

Lord Mike Bubbins – Minister of Public Nudity for Suspicious Minds of Bins, Bums & Bikes.
Whilst we already have several retrosexual members that pay great homage to Elvis, there is always enough room to appoint another, especially one that is so utterly compelling & Mammoth, that can light up any after hours drinking club! Our 1970’s cabinet has finally got it’s makeover. Uh-huh!