Loony Local Elections

This is a list of our candidates in the May local elections:

  • Howling ‘Laud’ Hope, our Party Leader was elected unopposed to the Fleet Town Council on Friday 6th April, 4 weeks almost before the official election on 3rd May. – And on May 3rd he will additionally be standing for the Hart District Council in the Fleet Central Ward.
  • ‘Farming Lord Dave’ (Pictured) – Denton South Ward Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Lord Halfperson – Blackheath Westcombe Ward, Greenwich
  • Badger – Walton North, Elmbridge, Surrey
  • Monkey the Drummer – Molesey East, Elmbridge, Surrey
  • Chinners – Chessington North & Hook, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey

Chinners has arranged his Victory celebrations with ‘Jump the Gun‘ performing on Wed 2nd May at the Cricketers pub, 81 Clayton Road, Chessington.
Badger and Monkey the Drummer will be holding their Victory Party at The Oak pub, Walton Road, West Molesey on Thurs 3rd May with Crucial Chris Dowling and MOJO Crew leading the victory celebrations.
Joe Jammer may appear at either of these events!