Incorrectly named roundabouts and bus services were the main issues for the local Lucky Rover loony’s ahead of this years Local Elections. As far as we are aware, neither Lemmy or any other band member of Motorhead ever lived or worked in local area so we find it loony that they got a roundabout named after one of their hit songs. ??

We will redress this important issue by renaming the ‘Ace Of Spades’ at Hook, the ‘Downtown’ roundabout in honour of former resident Petula Clark.?? The Chessington World of Adventures ‘Tiger Rock’ water ride experience will be extended through Chessington to the Downtown Roundabout at Hook to supplement the local public transport service during the rush hours.
As is tradition, a Victory Party was arranged in the local Loony HQ the night before polling day. After a scare upon being informed that Bad Influence guitarist Richard was sadly ill, up stepped the legend that is Papa George to accompany the marvellous vocals of Val, performing some original and classic covers.

The Faux Fibbers performed a suitably loony set which had everyone present declaring their love of armadillos. Our glorious leader Howling Laud Hope was in attendance signing books and posing for numerous photos all evening.
The count was held on Friday 6th May and the following proclaimed results were duly cheered by all in the room . . .
Director of Undertaking Brunskill – 90 Captain Coiley – 47 Agent Chinners – 61 Lucky Guv Joe – 65 Lady Dave – 121 Colonel Cramps – 90
Cartoon Muralist, Joint Deputy Leader, Minister of Spinning, Bouncing & Points