Ministerial Loony Activities – Part Cuatro

We can now proudly update you all with some more of our OFFICIAL Loony Ministers latest and forthcoming antics. More to follow in the next couple of weeks…

Lord Matthew Wright – Minister of Wrights, Wrongs & Lefts.
As usual, Lord Wright has been busy with his show on LBC radio, questioning unofficial loony party representatives on the drivel they spout whilst also keeping This Morning viewers entertained. Hawkwind collaboration possibilities are underway for next year along with keeping Princess Cassady on the straight & narrow.

Lord Dave Savage – Minister of Hair & Fringe Politics.
As our Minister responsible for Government Cuts, Lord Savage was rather miffed to not have been consulted for his considerable experience on this matter by the present Chancellor Jeremy Hunt before announcing his Autumn Statement. To console himself, Lord Savage has rounded up troops for a special gala performance on Boxing Day along with celebrating Stray Cats Day.

Lady Bouvs – Party Whip
It has been a very hectic time for ‘mlady, what with all the unofficial loony MPs misbehaving at every turn possible. As it is customary, Bouvs is once again giving her gazillion fans a special treat with her Advent Calendar whilst giving some serious consideration to which constituency to stand in for the looming General Election.

More Ministerial Going-On’s in a few days after we have finalised the recipients on our NEW YEAR HONOURS list with a well-deserved award of an OFFICIAL Loony Ministry to maintain come the imminent Loony Mudslide, but… Who will our 5 new Ministers be?