OFFICIAL Birthday Honours

Believe it or not, a person used to have achieved a tome of work, often beyond their relevant field, to be acknowledged with an MBE, OBE or Knighthood. Services in the music industry were virtually unheard of until 1967 when Her Majesty took Screaming Lord Sutch’s advice by awarding members of The Beatles with an OBE. In recent years, merely doing their job by winning a few races, tennis matches or being a well regarded party politician or donor by the Government of the day will ensure sutch recognition. It has long been a mystery to us that, alongside our Spiritual Leader, a radio pioneer who since his 1964 pirate days and then became the first DJ on the newly created BBC Radio 1 in 1967, has as yet, received any Royal Gong for nearly 60 years of duty to broadcasting alongside his seldom reported vast amount of work undertaken for charity projects.
As the party renowned for being ahead of the political rabble, and to commemorate his 80th Birthday, we are proud to confirm that Lord Tony Blackburn is now our OFFICIAL Minister of Disc Jockeys having FUN
We trust that this honour will be noted and duly rectified in future by the Governments ‘Honours Committee by finally recommending him for a Knighthood.