Rochdale Roundup

Wow! I came, I saw, I nibbled! It has been astonishing that I had 12,126 votes behind the winner! Despite this The Loony Party were the real winners on the night. I am humbled by the great support from the loony’s and 209 voters who chose a loony rather than an idiot. This hasn’t been taken for granted.
I’m sure to aim for lower votes next time as feedback from others advised that our policies are far too sensible! It was a lively night at the HQ Wetherspoons and continued the second entered the counting centre. The media immediately left the other parties interviews midway through their chats just to run over to us. I believe we had them worried! The votes came in fast… so fast I ran out of fingers and thumbs!
A huge thank you to the loony elite standing with me, and all the pub goers for joining us for a pint of the landlord’s finest at The Regal Moon!
I now face another dilemma… shall I be called ‘The Rochdale Rat’ or ‘The Rodent of Rochdale’? Let’s vote on it???
Once again proud to have stood for The Loony Party! Can’t thank you all enough!
Stay Loony! No policies! No Plan! No Problem!
Ravin Rodent Subortna