By-election for Evesham Town Council

Hot News from our special, special, chief, special, special, special, correspondent and candidate Barmy Lord Brockman
Due to an elected candidate being unable to take up their seat (May 2nd Local Council Elections) a by-election has been called for Evesham Town Council , (South Ward) 25/07/19.
Barmy Lord Brockman, who only failed by 8 votes to get elected in May, is once again  putting himself forward saying “Its only fair that people get a second chance to reject me or a second chance to put an Official Loony on the Council”.
Evesham South is a beautiful area blighted by abandoned trolleys from a local supermarket, I will combat this by attaching a bungee cord to all Morrison’s trolleys to facilitate a speedy return.
Many people would like to be able to vote for Non Of The Above on the ballot form, I’m afraid you can’t -but if you look at the ballot, you’ll see Barmy Lord Brockman at the top. My supporters have the option of voting for None Of The Below.”