Oh what a horrible year that was, 2020

Gods saving grace that we are all still here.
Started off well as usual, spent the month of January out with our ‘Mediterranean Loonies’ in Malta. All is well with them, they want us to hold a conference out there. Something to think about, it wouldn’t be the first time we held a conference in a country where nobody can vote for us, we held a very successful one out in Jersey in 2008. No one could vote for us there either, but there you are, that what makes our ‘Loony Party’ so special, the absolute absurdity of it all. Not getting away from the fact, that it is all jolly good fun after all!
In February I spent a week up in Louth in Lincolnshire by kind permission of The Iconic Arty Pole, tying up the arrangements to have our 2020 conference there, all went well, all sorted. Hotels booked, bands booked, great.
Then March, ‘Bang’ thrown in to a lockdown, never mind, September Conference is a long way off yet. Threw all my plans to visit our Canary Island branch in Lanzarote though in May, staying with the chairman Ri-Dick-ulous Knowles.
1st of May was a very special day for me, after 3 years of thinking, making notes and generally racking my brain, my Autobiography was launched. It’s very aptly called ‘The Great White Hope’. I’m very proud of it, its selling very well. At this point I would like to thank my ‘Ghost Writer’ (how scary is that) Prince Rex of Fleet, aka Patric Downs, and Derrill Carr my PA man for all their patience and belief!
4th July, hooray, lockdown all over, great, lets get on with it. Myself, Lawd Lawson and O B Joyful were guests at the premier of the latest Screaming Lord Sutch documentary at The Windlesham Theatre, not on general release as yet, but well worth looking out for. Wonderful to see some of David Sutch’s old friends there, especially Peter ‘The Pirate’ Stockton, who was my agent at the Kensington and Chelsea by-election. He also stood as one of our candidates down in Winchester at one time.
Now September conference is looming, because of social distancing still in operation, I decide that it had to be cancelled, it just would not have work under those circumstances. None more sorrier than me, I’ve attended every one since 1984, this would have been our 37th.
Not looking to good for 2021 either, so far, ‘Malta’ January cancelled, ‘Bath Ball’ February Cancelled, not even booking for Lanzarote this time. Plus, if we have to wear masks for the rest of the year after ‘The Jab’, so we are led to believe. I cant see a conference working either.
On the brighter side of 2020, I’d like to thank ‘Chinners’ for keeping us alive on Twitter, and ‘Barmy Lord Brockman’ for keeping us smiling on Facebook. Well done my Loonical friends. Also all the other members behind the scenes that make it all work.
Oh enough of your apathy, stop it, I’m now telling myself. At least we are all still alive and I am able wish you all, ‘Hopefully’. A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.
Really looking forward to the day we can all meet up again, I’m missing you all!!!
Hooowling Laud Hope