Results for ‘Selby and Ainsty’ & ‘Uxbridge’ By-elections

We came, we stood, we lost, we went home . . .
Alan Howling Laud Hope, who stood in Uxbridge, got a very low 32 votes which was very disappointing. We think his campaigning got a bit mixed up when the locals kept saying “what about ULEZ”? and Howling repeatedly replied ‘no I’m Alan, not Lez’. . . but on a positive note . . We were going to ask for a recount, but they’d already had.
Meanwhile in Selby and Ainsty we had a better result with Sir Archibald gaining a 100% increase in his vote, with very a respectable 170
We would like to thank everyone who voted for us, and will see you next time.
RU Seerius