Ministerial Loony Activities – Part Cinco

A brief round up about some of the things our OFFICIAL Loony Ministers have been up to or have lined up…

Joe Jammer – Lord of the Strings
Our Loony Legend has worked with everyone from Jimi Hendrix to The Who, Maggie Bell to Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith to Jerry Lee Lewis. He has also been an Olympic Runner which quite frankly is Nobody’s Business, and of course a Heavy Friend with our Spiritual Leader, Screaming Lord Sutch! Early last year, he recounted his career in an interview with The Strange Brew which includes selected songs including our 2019 Election ‘OH-OH’ Song, which resulted in several heart attacks and failing hips. None of this stops Rock n Roll with a plethora of March gigs booked and as a ‘Jammy Fibber’ with Deputy Leader Knigel Knapp. More on this exciting Election musical project will be announced in due course.

The Incredible Flying Brick – Deputy Leader & Party Treasurer
The recent Wellingborough By-Election saw a highly respectable 217 voters opt for the only OFFICIAL candidate on the ballot, a return which also ensured a 100% electoral increase for us in the constituency! In the following days, Flying Brick was swamped with interview requests from the media with Patrick Christys from GB News getting the full cuppa tea from some liberal doorstep reactions.

Lord Robin Askwith – Minister of Confessions
With Channel 5 recently releasing it’s shows viewing figures, Madame Blanc is top of the list with nearly two million people tuning in. We confess that it’s a mystery why no trouser dropping has occurred as yet, no doubt Lord Askwith’s blog will reveal all soon.

Lord Captain Sensible – Minister of Noise
Currently touring the Japan region of the Loonyverse, it has sensibly been decided to revisit the Damned 1980’s with a UK tour in December 2024. We could happily talk about this event for sutch an age . . . but have sadly run out of space in this update.