Tamworth By-election

It rained on the drive down, and continued when I collected the register from the Tamworth council offices. The 14th September was a very wet day but the moment I arrived on Bancroft Road the rain stopped. The residents of Glascote welcomed me dressed in my large top hat, yellow ‘recycled teenager’ T-shirt and adorned lab coat and saw little reason not to nominate Howling Laud as their hopeful representative. I collected the signatures of ten registered voters within an hour and within seconds of Amy offering the tenth endorsement the rain started again!
All the elections staff at Tamworth were very polite and extremely friendly and led by regular defeater of gravity ‘sky god’ Andrew Barratt.
The night before election day Howling Laud our party leader and candidate lost the use of his legs. The following day he was ambulanced to Burton Hospital where he continued to run the campaign. Having spent ten days in the constituency Howling had a good knowledge of the town centre hostelries so he directed us to meet at The Blue Water Indian Restaurant which was one of the finer curries I have ever tasted. Later we spent a happy time at The Market Vaults where we enjoyed listening to live music.
Gilly recognised that our group required leadership and calmly assumed charge, so when we arrived at Rawlett School, where the count was being held, we all cheered him into the room.
I visited Howling in Burton Hospital the following morning on my way home, he is chipper and being well looked after so we are all confident of a speedy recovery.
Nick the Flying Brick