20 nnnnnn19 is upon us!

I trust you all had a Pretty Loony Christmas, I did, but then again I always do.
2018 was quite an eventful year, I started off January in Lanzarote with the Canarian Loonys. Then in March with the Mediterranean Loonys in Malta.
In April I managed to retain my seat on the Fleet Town Council where I live, with a massive amount of ‘unopposed votes’ I am still Chairman of Highways and Transport and vice Chair of Planning. And well done to all the other members that stood in their various seats (that sounds pretty loony to me)
May didn’t go as well as expected though, didn’t get on as a District Councillor, that’s still to come Hopefully.
June saw us all invade Lewisham for a By-election. As usual we didn’t come last, we were 9th out of 14 candidates. Later on in June I was up in Rotherham with our Yorkshire gang, then on to Hartlepool for the wedding of two of our members George and Dottie Stuart.
In July I was guest of honour to open a local Garden Party in Cove, Hampshire, for the Phylis Tuckwell charity, raised £2,500.
August saw me down on the south coast, Seaford, Bexhill and Hastings, keeping in touch, and meeting people of our like kind.
September, we all converged into Belper Derbyshire for our Annual Conference, the 34th to be precise. A good time was had by all.
Oct – Nov pretty quiet, good job too.
For any more detail of the things mentioned in my yearly round up, see – loonyparty.com Special thanks to Joe Jammer for his release of the latest Loony Party song ‘Oh Oh’.
My life story book is well under way, being ‘Ghost Written’ by Patric (no K) Downes.

Once again a sad farewell to Boney Maroney and Chrissy Laugh and a Half, may you both rest in peace. Yet again, thanks to all of you that joined us, in any of the events that you did, and a warm welcome to all new members.
Conference 2019 has not been finalised as yet, but should be confirmed in February, once again the last weekend of September, so mark it in your diary. It will be a big one, it will mark my 20th year as your ‘Loony Party Leader’, the longest serving leader in British Politics. With special thanks to our team, Flying, RU, the Baron, Chinners, Knapper and all.
So Christmas has gone by once more, all that’s left for me to say is ‘Have a Happy New Year’. See you all next time, whenever and wherever.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader.