Loony Candidates for Thurs 6th May 2021

Candidates having declared an interest so far, and have obtained authorisation papers from our nominating officer.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Hart District, Hampshire.
Barmy Lord Brockman – Evesham North & West
Fluffy Witterance – Abertillary, Wales
Wacky Whyte Witch – Broadway & Childswickham
Sir HonkyTonk James – Moorcroft, Stoke on Trent
Sir Offa Ones Rocker – Evesham South
The Old Bus Anorak – Hinckley & Boswell
Trevor Allman – Greenwich West
Viscount Jack Teria – West Ho Ward, South Shields
Crazy Cat Lady – Burton on Trent
Sweet Young and Powerful – Fleet West, Hampshire
Baron Von Thunderclap – West Sussex County
Merv the Karaoke King – Baguley Manchester
Mr Badaxe – Nottingham County

Its not to late, still a good month to go, papers must be in by April 8th, but you can’t stand for us unless you get permission from party.
Call 07946292557 for more info!

Loony Party Conference in Louth

Our 37th Annual Monster Raving Loony Party Conference in Louth, Lincolnshire, 2020 was cancelled, but we are to be at the same place, same venue, same entertainment, re-booked for Thurs 23-24-25-26- September 2021.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope Your Party Leader.

Dreich Politic

Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Neutral. . . . Potato Head

We’re in the Mood for #LoonyLindaGin

One of Ministers, the delightful Linda Nolan has a new project on the go making Gin!
Launched last week and the initial batch sold out in under 15 hours!
Advanced orders can now be made on her https://hudsons-spirits.com website.
Enlisting the help of award-winning York-based distillery Sloemotion, Linda has created Hudson’s first offering, a Passion Fruit & Watermelon Gin – a deliciously dry gin, distilled traditionally and blended perfectly with wonder-foods passionfruit and watermelon, to create one smooth, sensational pour-filler that will get you In The Mood!
As part of our #LoonyLotto series of fun & games on our Twitter feed we need some help to devise some new flavours by playing #LoonyLindaGin
This game will close on Tues 23rd Feb at 8pm and Linda will select the best entries who will be suitably rewarded with a plethora on entries for Wednesday’s #LoonyLotto Prize Draw to win some OFFICIAL Loony merchandise.

Agent Larry keeps tabby’s on unofficial loonies

One of the things that Civil Servants are duty bound to adhere to is to remain impartial at all possible times. This also means that they cannot undertake Ministerial positions, however, at present, there is nothing to prevent them from receiving honorary Ministerial positions! We are therefore delighted to announce, after 10 years sterling work on our behalf, to award Agent Larry an honorary Ministry.
After our Spiritual Leader, Screaming Lord Sutch’s sad passing, the two front runners to become our new leader, back in 1999, could not be separated after tightly fought contest so the OFFICIAL Monster Raving Loony Party became the first political party to be jointly ruled by man & beast, by Howling Laud Hope & Catmandu, (we do not count the unofficial claim to this title by Margaret Thatcher & John Major)
Agent Larry, 14, has had to endure three Prime Moggyster’s lodging with him since he moved from the Battersea Dog & Cat home in 2011.
In true Loony style he claims, on his Twitter account, to be in position longer than any leader of a UK political party. Howling Laud Hope, currently leader for over twenty one years has generously decided as a token of his esteem to overlook this claim.
We congratulate Agent Larry on his decade of service and duly make him our Minister of MPs (Meno-Paws) which we know he will run purrfectly.

Local Elections 2021.

Ok here we go, looking very much like that there will Elections on Thursday May 6th. Not in every case, but there will be Parish, Town, County or District seats up for grabs in many areas. If your area is one of these and you want to stand for The Official Monster Raving Loony Part you cannot go ahead and just do it. You must get a notice of authorisation from our Party Nominating Officer. This can be obtained very easily by calling him on 07946292557.
These elections are completely free, no deposit. You will need to start thinking about it now, because you will have to have your papers in by Thurs April 8th, so get your papers from your local Town Hall a.s.a.p.
Call the above aforesaid number if you have any questions or query’s
Best of luck to all who do stand, I shall be one of you.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Party Leader.