Current Loony Cabinet

Leader: Alan ‘Howling Laud’ Hope
Chair: The Jersey Flyer
Party & Membership Secretary, Deputy Leader: Baron Von Thunderclap
Shadowing Deputy Leaders: Dave Savage
Deputy Leader:
Treasurer, Deputy Leader:
Nick the Flying Brick
Webmaster, Deputy Leader: RU Seerius
Partying for the Party: Lily the Pink
Media & Publicity, Deputy Leader: Knigel Knapp
Chief Elections Officer: Mark ‘Sir NosDa’ Beech

2011_0619_Laud_Hope_3_MarHowling Laud Hope
Party Chairman 1983 to 1999, Joint Party Leader 1999 to 2002, Party Leader 2002 –
Was made Party Chairman in 1983 by long standing friend and fellow musician Screaming Lord Sutch. Howling became joint leader with Cat-Mandu in 1999 after the death of Lord Sutch.  He became the sole party leader after Cat-Mandu died in a road accident.


2007_1545_Jersey_Flyer_29_SepThe Jersey Flyer
2007 –
After the appointment of T.C. Owen (Bananaman) to Deputy Party Leader, The Jersey Flyer was appointed to fill the vacant position of Party Chairman.




2012_7034_Baron_Von_ThunderclapBaron Von Thunderclap
Membership 2007 -, Party Secretary 2013 –
Deputy Leader 2019 –
Member of party since 1983 Baron has successfully failed to win the Mid Sussex seat at six general elections or a Welsh Assembly seat. Despite acting in a proper Loony manner he has been re-elected to a second term on Bolney Parish Council.  His day job is running a Dodo sanctuary. Hobbies include  driving and restoring classic cars, riding Wankel rotary engine Norton motorcycles, and trying to rid the world of real ale. . . by drinking it all!

Dave Savage
Minister of Hair (Fringe Politics)
Party member since 1983
Creator of iconic party artwork
A most trusted musician in Sutches northern Savages.
Guitarist, Singist, Magician, Juggler, Fire Breather and Professional Fool.



Deputy Leader without a PortFellow 2019 –
Party member since mid 1980’s who lurked in the background until quitting his Government Pay Centre role in 2000.
Has kept one election pledge for almost 15 years now by putting on a free live band once a week in the local loony HQ and is the party’s current Spacehopper champion.



2017_0332_The_Incredible_Flying_Brick_28_JanNick the Flying Brick
Treasurer 2007 –
Deputy Leader 2019 –
Member since 1794, has stood in seven Parliamentary General elections six By-elections and once for the Welsh Assembly. He is a single issue politician as Loony Party Shadow Minister for the Abolition of Gravity.



2007_1630_RU_Seerius_29_SepRU Seerius
Webmaster 2007 –
Deputy Leader 2019 –
Long time Party member, has stood in three General Elections and one By-election as the Shadow Minister for Non-Committed Manifesto Commitments.




Lily the Pink
Partying with the Party since 2008.
Minister for Maintaining a Rosy Outlook,
Authentically alternative, purposefully pink, encouraging a colourful collaboration of tolerance, titillation, and truthfulness. Satirical sugar-coating, sarcasm, smiling, some sighing (simultaneously with a certain amount of eye rolling). Daily doses of double-entendres prescribed to all.
Has stood for Welsh Assembly, General Election, and local By-elections.

Knigel KnappKnigel_Knapp
Media & Publicity 2007 –
Deputy Leader 2019 –
Knigel has a degree in media studies – well he watched a lot of Blue Peter when he was a kid. And he is an active self publicist (check out!) See what we mean? But please don’t believe anything he says or anything you hear about this man because Knigel is the Loony Party Minister for Blatant Lies and Big Fibs.

Mark ‘Sir NosDa’ BeechLoony Party CEO Mark Beech Esq / The Good Knight Sir NosDa
Website Technical Officer 2013-
Chief Elections Officer 2024-

The Good Knight has contested 5 Council Elections, 4 UK general Elections, 2 Welsh General Elections, and 1 Parliamentary By-elections – most of them for the Loony Party.

He announced his retirement from competitive politics after the 2019 General Election, and now gets to enjoy pointing out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

As Website Technical Officer Mark is in-charge of painting the pixels, feeding the hamsters, and making self-aggrandizing edits when nobody is watching.

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