Sir Archibald in Richmond (Yorks)

I obtained signatures in Leyburn over the weekend and delivered my nomination papers for Richmond (Yorks) to to North Yorkshire Council in North Allerton on Monday morning.

Local Loony Party legends Stew Exotic and Paul The Political Poet met in me reception and are keen to support the campaign.

They are active in everything there is to know  about matters in the the Richmond Constituency. Following formalities we took the opportunity to take a few photos with other candidates, and staff from County Hall.

Afterwards all three boarded Exotic’s Tiger battle bus followed by a visit to his zoo and nightclub.
Sir Archibald Stanton

General Election 2024

Well it was pushed on us a bit earlier than we all thought, everyone assumed it would be on Oct/ Nov but the 4th of July it is!
Nevertheless we are ready, willing and able, as ever to deliver ‘Sensible Loonism’ to the nation. At the moment we are have maybe twenty five candidates up and down the country. It could be more because it could include you! It’s not too late, nomination papers need to be in before 4pm on Friday 7th June. If you want to stand call our nomination officer on 07946 292 557
Watch out, there’s a Loony about!
Howling Laud Hope – Loony Party Leader

Blackpool Rock ‘n’ Roll

There is always an air of expectation when you travel to Blackpool, especially for a by-election. What more can you ask than to have the Wetherspoons ‘Velvet Coaster’ as constituency HQ with kind permission of Sir Tim Martin. Sam and his gang looked after us well and we entertained lots of visitors. I visited the ‘Layton Rakes’ and the ‘Albert & Lion’ and was invited by the Cleverleys to meet up in the ‘Jolly Tars’ where there may be another by-election pending! I can’t add these Spoons to my count of 725 as they were revisits, but all were very welcoming.
I was reminded of the Loony Party’s campaign for all day drinking and that we were the first Party to propose plastic bank notes to float the pound. They listen to us, we are the government ‘think tank!’
My thanks to Nick the Flying Brick who drove all the way to Blackpool a few weeks ago to obtain the ten nominations.
I spent two weeks in Blackpool. I stayed first with party members Lord & Lady Gildaroy, at their hotel in Holmfield Road, and my second week with Graham Clench and Richard at their Arlington Hotel in Leopold Grove.
I was joined in the second week by Lawd Lawson and OB Joyful from Hampshire, and Red Rocket Ron from Liverpool. I was joined for the night of the Count by Flying Brick, RU Seerius and Lady Hell’n Bak from Derbyshire, Sir Oink-a-Lot from Manchester, Gilly & Sir Archibald Stanton from Dewsbury.
There were lots of cameras flashing and interviews waiting as soon as we entered the Count at Blackpool Sports Centre. It was an interesting evening meeting old political friends and encountering new ones. It was almost 5.30am when the count was declared and I polled 121 votes and didn’t come last!
I also stood for the Hart Council in the local elections which I didn’t get but I still retain my Fleet Council seat.
We are gearing up for the forthcoming General Election. If you fancy your chances you must give me a call on 07946 292557 for authorisation
Howling Laud Hope – Loony Party Leader

Hope in Blackpool

I collected the ten signatures for Howling’s Blackpool bid in a grey early April and in cold drizzle. But since Howling’s arrival over two weeks ago the sun had come out and the days had become bright!
The loony supporters had a great time in the Wetherspoon’s ‘Velvet Coaster’ and a long but rewarding night at the election count held in the Stanley Park Sports Centre on Thursday night. Howling is now on the way home to Fleet and will deliver a full report in a few days time. . .
Nick The Flying Brick

This is what we love doing! Blackpool South!

I am the candidate for the by-election for Blackpool South which will take place on Thursday May 2nd. This will be the 34th time I have stood for a Parliamentary election. It was set up with a helping hand from our own Nick the Flying Brick who collected the ten signatures and organised my nomination on a cold and rainy day last week! I will be in Blackpool from Sunday 21st April for two weeks until the 5th May and am booked into a couple of hustings with more to come. We are confident of victory! Any party members and friends in and around Blackpool, or from anywhere, are welcome to come along and join in.
You can always get ‘The Howler’ on 07946 292557. I will not receive e-mails for those two weeks.

I will also be contesting ‘The Hart District Council’ in my home town of Fleet Hampshire on the same day. They were a bit put out when I told them that I won’t be at that count as I will be in Blackpool, ‘it won’t be the same without you’ was the cry!

Going forward now, as you all know there will be a General Election Oct/Nov time. We are lining up candidates for this now. At this early stage we are looking at 20 candidates. If you want to have a go, come and join us. The same phone no 07946292557. See if you can be the first to retain your deposit!!!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader

Rochdale Roundup

Wow! I came, I saw, I nibbled! It has been astonishing that I had 12,126 votes behind the winner! Despite this The Loony Party were the real winners on the night. I am humbled by the great support from the loony’s and 209 voters who chose a loony rather than an idiot. This hasn’t been taken for granted.
I’m sure to aim for lower votes next time as feedback from others advised that our policies are far too sensible! It was a lively night at the HQ Wetherspoons and continued the second entered the counting centre. The media immediately left the other parties interviews midway through their chats just to run over to us. I believe we had them worried! The votes came in fast… so fast I ran out of fingers and thumbs!
A huge thank you to the loony elite standing with me, and all the pub goers for joining us for a pint of the landlord’s finest at The Regal Moon!
I now face another dilemma… shall I be called ‘The Rochdale Rat’ or ‘The Rodent of Rochdale’? Let’s vote on it???
Once again proud to have stood for The Loony Party! Can’t thank you all enough!
Stay Loony! No policies! No Plan! No Problem!
Ravin Rodent Subortna

The Rodent in Rochdale

Ravin’ Rodent Subortna had a magnificent team at the Rochdale by-election. Nick the Flying Brick, RU Seerius, Hell’n Bak, Sir Archibald Stanton, Gilly Mini-Me, Ringo, Susie Queue, Sir Oink-a-Lot, Farmin’ Dave and the Psychobilly Tractor all worked tirelessly to engage with the Rochdale electorate.

Our campaign ‘think tank’ drove senselessly around town on election night eventually crashing into the ‘Regal Moon’.
Once settled into the pub the group debated on how to improve rodent conditions and the environment by raising the level of the Rochdale swamp.

Soon after midnight the band of Loony Party devotees walked to the count seeking refuge in the existential effects of gravity and fearing the absurdity of what lay ahead. We need not have worried as we were greeted with open arms and the many candidates and their supporters were friendly and seemed genuinely pleased we were there.
The count had a physical and real atmosphere with the green walls of the Rochdale Leisure Centre reflecting on all surfaces. The counting tellers rolled bundles of ballots into tubes of twenty five and planted them into potting trays which were beautifully displayed in front of the main entrance into the hall.

Some reporters and their interviewees spent the early morning seeking out and randomly jumping in front of Sir Oink-a-Lot causing confusion across the nation.

As the evening rolled on it became increasingly clear that the ‘Circus of George’ had once again won the day.

George was a bit late to the count and was the last to know! He vigorously shook the Rodent’s hand when he was surprised by the news.

The Loony crew lay in wait at the back of the stage hoping to taste the glory only to be covered in orange confetti thrown by a militant Hari Krishna shouting ‘top the soil’.
Another interesting night in the loonyverse.
Nick the Flying Brick

Wellingborough By-election

I had a thoroughly excellent time standing in Wellingborough, it was my fifth by-election. I had a great team supporting me with Howling Laud, RU Seerius, Hell ‘n Bak, Gilly, Sir Archibald, Ringo and Allan the monk. We had a lot of discussion about campaign tactics, and carefully constructed strategies were developed in ‘The Earl of Dalkeith’ in the last few hours of the polling day on the 15th of February. We arrived at the Kettering Conference Centre for the election count around midnight buoyed by a lot of very good ideas and confident of success! The count was warm and very well organised, beautifully set out, and there was a Zen like atmosphere of absolute calm. Kingswood, our twin election near Bristol, declared around two o’clock, after which our count entered into ‘dreamtime’ while the North Northamptonshire Elections department called on ancestral spirits to find a small bundle of lost ten ballots. Even Gilly was quieter than usual becoming virtually horizontal.
The elections team had clearly thought out every move for when the count was declared and were very organised and precise about where they wanted the candidates, their agents and the journalists to be. I stood next to Helen Harrison who seemed to be very relieved to have lost!
We had a lovely time at the Wellingborough count, but I’m hoping that the Rochdale by-election and the ‘Circus of George’ being held in two weeks time will be a little bit more chaotic!
Nick the Flying Brick