Surrey County Council Elections 2013 – Victory Party

As is tradition, the Official Monster Raving Loony Party will be holding their Victory Party in their Elmbridge HQ, The Poyntz Arms, 85 Walton Road, East Molesey, the evening before the loony landslide takers place on Wednesday 1st May from 8pm

Performing for your entertainment will be MOJO CREW, JOE JAMMER as well as a few other special guests who turn up on the night. The wearing of a hat is strongly encouraged!

Don’t be confused by the other non official loonies standing at this years election, VOTE CRAZY CRAB, CHIUNNERS, CRAZY DAVE or MONKEY for Surrey!


Shadow Minister of Spinning & Bouncing

South Shields By-election May 2013

For the first time ever, South Shields will able to vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party (we’ve been doing that for years, I hear you cry), yes but, we are the real Loony Party ! ! !

I am Howling ‘Laud’ Hope, the Party Leader since 1999. Lord Sutch and I started the Party in 1982, I was then Chairman and Deputy Leader until the sad loss of our ‘Sutchie’.

I have stood in many Elections over the years, none more so than against David Cameron in Witney, Michael Portillo in Kensington, George Galloway in Bradford, plus many others, not so well known winners and losers. My Father came from Newcastle and my Mothers side from South Shields, so I have visited the area on many occasions and grew up to be part of the North East !
So what will ‘WE’ do ? To tackle unemployment we would suggest that South Shields becomes an enormous Theme Park called Loony Land where everybody will be working in a happy environment on a par with Disney Land. Loony? I don’t think so, that’s exactly what they did in Kissamee, Florida, slap bang in the middle, it gets more visitors now than coastal areas and Paris of course, in the middle of nowhere, but not any more. Being a football supporter,we might also suggest that Newcastle Airport be renamed ‘The Jackie Milburn’ if Speke in Liverpool can be changed to The John Lennon, and Belfast to The George Best, then why not ? A happy environment leads to happy people happily enjoying themselves ! When elected, I would certainly move back up into the area of my roots, and then sort things out on a much more local level. I would also commit myself to doing all the things that the other parties say they will do, when they don’t do it ! So Good, Good, people of South Shields, don’t be confused by Labour, Conservative, Liberal or any other pretenders, vote for the real Raving Loony Party, you know it makes sense. Our Party HQ will be the ‘Douglas Vaults Hotel’ in Barrington Street, with the kind permission of Stuart,  the landlord, all are welcome, see you all there.

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
(Maybe your last Hope)

May 2nd elections

Candidates who we ‘know’ that have put papers in are as follows !
Alan “Howlin Laud” Hope – by- election South Shields
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope —– Fleet —- Hampshire County Council
Whopping Lord Foghole — Ilkeston — Derbyshire

Lord Toby Jug — St Ives — Cambridgeshire

Mad Hatter De Voil — Oxford — Oxfordshire
Chinners — East Molsey — Surrey
Crazy Dave — West Molsey — -Surrey
Andy Winneriss — Lytham St Annes — Lancashire
Hopping Mad Hog — Eastleigh — Hampshire
Sheikh Me Hand — Sittingbourne — Kent
Mad Mike Young — Isle of Sheppey — Kent
‘Happy Olly Day, — Cannock — Staffordshire
Lord Bonkers Broughall – Bar Hill in Cambridgeshire
Crazy Crab – Addlestone —Surrey



Eastleigh By Election


Report from our ‘Laud’

Eastleigh, all will agree was by far the easiest and friendliest By-election for a long time.

I arrived firstly on Friday 8th Feb along with Derrill Carr, a friend of mine from Fleet, armed with nomination papers which we managed to get filled in half an hour with the help of Angela Hepburn from Eastleigh, in our party HQ Wetherspoons. Very big thankyou to both of them.

Drove back down Monday to lodge them with the Electoral Office, which was obviously accepted, only to be told “how efficient we were, being the first to do so” they were very impressed with our Electoral set up, and we were highly commended.

Spent the following Friday and Saturday in the constituency campaigning, and generally letting it be known that we were in fact standing, which brought cries of delight from many who remembered the 1994 Eastleigh By-election when Nigel Farrage first stood for his UKIP party and only managed 169 votes more than our Screaming ‘Lord’ Sutch.

Now down to the real bit, the final week.

I was booked into the Travelodge next door to our party HQ (very handy) right in the centre of all the action.  Most of the candidates came in to meet me especially good old Nigel, we always share a pint or two when we meet. ‘Sheikh Me Hand’ aka Jackie Davidson travelled down from Kent to help raise our profile, well done mate.  One of the Tory big wigs, Michael Fabricant insisted upon having his photo taken with me along with the Tory MP for Morecambe David Morris, in fact some mighty fine photo’s will come to light eventually.

I think the highlight of the champagne was when I was out canvassing with my loud hailer, and a gentleman threw a bucket of water over me from his upstairs bedroom window, missed me and drenched the lady stood next to me, and then started throwing potato’s and eggs at me, apparently he was on nightshift and I had woken him up. Nevertheless the police got involved, because one of the potatoes’s actually hit me on the shoulder, did I want to take it any further, and he was going into the station next day to be cautioned.  I told them that I would let him off as long as he voted ‘Loony’ as far as I’m aware he actually did, one of his friends told me so.  A sudden thought crossed my mind after “I must be a real politician if they are throwing eggs at me “

On the Tuesday of this week ‘Lord Toby’ arrived with the delightful Deadboreing Deborah (she is a monumental Mason after all), and we set the town alight with quick repartee and quips of a political nature. The TV, Radio and Press loved us, they followed us everywhere we went, or seemed to. The publicity that we gleaned from Eastleigh was on a par with the best that we have ever had! T.C (Top cat) came and helped with the campaigning

On Thursday the ‘Flying Brick’ arrived from Derby and was quite taken aback with the friendship of the people that he met, and the people who had joined in with us.

Now this is the big night, the Count! Off we go an entourage of Myself, The Brick, Lord Toby, Deborah Richardson, Damon Heritage (what a character) Tony Sneddon and his wife Sue (Tony, once an independent, but will stand for us in Locals) Derrill arrived back from Fleet, and we were joined by David Titchner and the lovely Kirsten, 10 of us at the count, what a reception, we got, camera’s everywhere, interviews and general good will all around.

A general consensus of opinion was that we may split the UKIP vote, did they get that wrong, they split ours, and also that we may beat Labour, no such luck. BUT, once again we were not last, 9th out of 14 with a 136 votes AND, history was made, the ‘English Democrat Party’ decided not to fight another election because they were beaten by the ‘LOONY’.  As usual pole position on the stage next to the returning officer and all as they make their speeches.  When it came to my turn, you would have been proud of me. I sang ‘Mack the Knife’ to a tremendous round of applause and brought the house down. All in all a good time was had by all, no problems, all good fun, 136 people wanted me to represent them in Parliament, they got it right, thousands may regret that one day, we had the best vote catcher of the lot so they said,

Our most popular policy is to rename the Southampton/ Eastleigh airport to the BENNY HILL just as they changed the Speke airport in Liverpool to the JOHN LENNON. Eastleigh don’t like the airport being called Southampton, so it suits both. Guess what, the Lib-Dems who won, think it’s a wonderful idea, watch this space, 5 years time maybe, you never know, always ahead of our time.

Once again thanks to all who voted our way, all who managed to be there, and a very special thanks again to William Hill for their continued sponsorship.

See you all again next time!

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope

(Click on the pic for larger view)

By election

Alan “Howlin Laud” Hope will be standing as a candidate at the Eastleigh By-election caused by the resignation of  MP Chris Huhne.

When asked what his policies would be Alan said “he had a few points to offer”.

He will be in the area from 23rd Feb.

Watch this space

Croydon Election

All is not lost,  ‘Keep Calm and Vote Loony’  110 people did in
Croydon Central on Thurs 29th Nov, in support of our ‘Loonier than
Thou’ candidate – Johnny ‘Coco Bean,Chocolate Machine’ – Cartrwright,
and once again he didn’t come last.

Whats happening, whats afoot,we seem to be making a habit of not coming last, next conference it will be on the agenda :- C’mon,we have got to get Loonier cause it seems we are being outloonied,by some so called not so loony party’s. What can we do about this ! I had every intention of being at the count but was struck down by ‘Loony Flu’ and could not attend, I posted my apologies but kept a sharp eye on the internet. He did well, he did great, he kept our name out there among the also rans and pomposity party’s, not that we fit in with any of those descriptions.

We are the REAL LOONY PARTY not to be confused with Labour,Conservative and Liberal or any other pretenders !
Howling Laud
Party Leader

Manchester Election

Yes, we came,we saw, we went away with a ‘record’ vote of 78, it could
have been 45 or 33, I love them old 78 records !

Once again the intrepid
Nick ‘The Flying Brick’ Delves was the election agent who first set foot
into the streets of Manchester to obtain the 10 nominations to stand.
Along with the help of our Rochdale Loony connection, Peter ‘two scoops’
Hinchliffe,  it didn’t take too long, Peter also had connections with the media
as he is involved with ‘Rochdale on Line’, which was very useful.
Rob,Ed,Danielle and all the staff of our constituency HQ, The Smithfield Hotel
were very helpful as were the customers, thankyou !
Manchester Loonies turned out as well.  Andy ‘Marrakesh’ Cameron and John
‘Casablanca’  Horner came out canvassing around the local hostileries and then turned out again later on when the Stockport Loonies showed up with an entourage of classic cars, thanks to Dave Machin and Debbie Clark who both run the local Rock ‘n’ Roll radio show, with drivers, leaflets and loud hailers Manchester woke up to the fact that there was an election on, although the general feeling was one of woe,
“We voted for a man to represent us in parliament in the last General Election and now he dosn’t want to do that any more, he wants to be a Police Commissioner” didn’t gel with most people hence the very low turn out.

In fact it wasn’t untill we made our appearance that a lot of people actually realised that there WAS a parliamentary election going on as well !
All in all we had the usual laughs and excitement but that electric atmosphere of the count night seemed to be missing, in fact we did hear that some of the counters were sent home at 12 midnight due to a lack of votes to count. 4.30am was the scheduled time for the announcement, all over by 2.30.
But never mind we were there, centre stage as usual, first to shake the winners hand and we got the loudest cheer,and when you consider that ‘Galloway’s Respect’ party only got 104 votes more than us, whilst last time out,in Bradford he got 18,230 more than us, I dont think that we were quite the losers, do you ! Apart from that,once again we didn’t come last !
Unfortunately we are giving the Rotherham By-election a miss, its a bit to near Christmas to expect people to get involved, apart from that the papers had to be in whilst we were in Manchester,  so the time factor was against us also ! BUT,, all is not lost,  cause our Loonier than Thou’ Mr Johnny ‘Coco Bean’ Cartwright, will be standing in Croydon on the same day Thurs 29th Nov, and all being well, I shall be at the count with him !
Your Party Leader
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope


Earith by-election result Huntingdonshire District Council June 21st 2012: CON 524 votes 43% UKIP 437 votes 36.2% LAB 96 votes 7.9% LD 92 votes 7.6% Lord Toby Jug LOONY 56 votes 4.6%

CARTER, Robin Clive The Conservative Party Candidate 524 Elected
FITZGERALD, Alan Richard UK Independence Party (UK I P) 437
HULME, Anthony Bell Liberal Democrat 92
JUG, Lord Toby The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 56
RAMSBOTTOM, Iain Michael The Labour Party Candidate 96

Although I sadly didn’t get the 100 votes to win my charity bet with William Hill, it was another great day for Loonyism as 56 brave souls went out and voted for me, a big thank you to everyone who voted for me.

The next by-election is on July 19th for St Ives Town Council, which was called for after the actions of the resignation of an Unofficial Loony councillor from the Independent group who refused to go along with protocol and call the lady Mayor  ‘Mr Mayor’  costing the Town Council the expense of running another election, which is completely potty.

Yet again I will be standing giving the voters the right to vote for an Official Loony Candidate and where it will be yet another Loony Landslide.

I’m so special! The doctor gave me this jacket…Now I can hug myself!!


Bradford election update


Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 111 (0.34%) WIN
George Galloway (Respect) 18,341 (55.89%, +52.83%)
Imran Hussain (Lab) 8,201 (24.99%, -20.36%)
Jackie Whiteley (C) 2,746 (8.37%, -22.78%)
Jeanette Sunderland (LD) 1,505 (4.59%, -7.08%)
Sonja McNally (UKIP) 1,085 (3.31%, +1.31%)
Dawud Islam (Green) 481 (1.47%, -0.85%)
Neil Craig (D Nats) 344 (1.05%)