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Monster Raving Loony Local Elections – Results 2022

We contested 11 seats in all, six of those were in Chessington, Hook and Madlen Rushett in the Royal Borough of Kingston. They were :-
Director of Undertaking Brunskill 90
Captain Coiley 47
Agent Chinners 61
Lucky Guv Joe 65
Colonel Cramps 90
Lady Dave 121
Total = 474
A special mention for Lady Dave here for coming top of the class in the Zoo!!!

Other results around the country.
Our party leader Howling ‘Laud’ Hope stood in two seats, one for Fleet Town Council and for Hart District council in Hampshire. The best news is that he was ‘’Returned Unapposed” to the Fleet Town Council.

Trevor Half Person – Blackheath London –106
Sir Charles Reed – Fareham Hampshire – 124
Howling ‘Laud’ – Hart District Hampshire – 100
Sir Archibald Stanton – Dewsbury Yorks – 236
Sir Archie deserves a round of applause also.

So all in all, we still retain 6 Councillors.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Fleet Town Hants
Sir Giles Greenwood – Bridgenorth Shrops
Baron Von Thunderclap – Bolney Sussex
Norm the Storm – West Grinstead Sussex
Sarah ‘Mad Cow’ Howard – Lower Carlton
The Iconic Art Pole – Great Carlton, both in Lincolnshire.
Very well done to you all, proud of each one of you. See you all later in the year at the Conference, if not before.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader.


Incorrectly named roundabouts and bus services were the main issues for the local Lucky Rover loony’s ahead of this years Local Elections. As far as we are aware, neither Lemmy or any other band member of Motorhead ever lived or worked in local area so we find it loony that they got a roundabout named after one of their hit songs. ??

We will redress this important issue by renaming the ‘Ace Of Spades’ at Hook, the ‘Downtown’ roundabout in honour of former resident Petula Clark.?? The Chessington World of Adventures ‘Tiger Rock’ water ride experience will be extended through Chessington to the Downtown Roundabout at Hook to supplement the local public transport service during the rush hours.
As is tradition, a Victory Party was arranged in the local Loony HQ the night before polling day. After a scare upon being informed that Bad Influence guitarist Richard was sadly ill, up stepped the legend that is Papa George to accompany the marvellous vocals of Val, performing some original and classic covers.

The Faux Fibbers performed a suitably loony set which had everyone present declaring their love of armadillos. Our glorious leader Howling Laud Hope was in attendance signing books and posing for numerous photos all evening.
The count was held on Friday 6th May and the following proclaimed results were duly cheered by all in the room . . .
Director of Undertaking Brunskill – 90 Captain Coiley – 47 Agent Chinners – 61 Lucky Guv Joe – 65 Lady Dave – 121 Colonel Cramps – 90
Cartoon Muralist, Joint Deputy Leader, Minister of Spinning, Bouncing & Points

Dewsbury East

Apathy again won in Dewsbury East but we received 6% of the vote which is an incredible result.

On the Count Day and to the astonishment of the other parties we obtained a guest pass for Sir Archibald’s right hand man Gilly.
As there were 23 wards being counted Cathedral House in Huddersfield was full and buzzing with excitement.
We received a great deal of publicity and everyone wanted to have their photograph taken with us.
Sir Archibald and Gilly were asked by The Returning Officer to speak to a group of young schoolchildren who were visiting as part of their “insight into Politics “ project.
We made the point that ours was the only Official Party and all the others were not official.
Johnny Ringo and Baron von Rainer were our Count Agents and we returned home on a high to some valued liquid refreshment.
Looking forward to our next Campaign which will be Wakefield.
Sir Archibald Stanton

Stop Press News

Sir Archibald Stanton

As of yesterday, Tuesday 5th April 2022 all nominations for local council elections are in and announced. I am pleased to announce that ‘The Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ are contesting 11 seats.
Our Party Leader, Howling ‘Laud’ Hope is returned unapposed to ‘Fleet Town Council’ in Hampshire where he lives . He is also standing in the ‘Hart District Council’ which is the area that covers Fleet.
Sir Archibald Stanton is standing in ‘Dewsbury East’.
Trevor Halfperson, in doing Blackheath Westcombe Ward, London.
Charlie Read, Lord Charles is up for Fareham Hillhead, Hampshire.
Colonel Cramps and Lady Dave are doing Hook and Chessington.
A Gent Chinners, Captain Coley, Joe Lucky Gov, and Director of Undertaking Brunskill, all in Chessington South.
Now some great news, The Howling ‘Laud’ even at this early stage, is even more pleased to announce that he has been returned unapposed to the Fleet Town Council. So hypothetically, just 10 seats up for grabs on Thursday May 5th.
Best of Luck and Loonyism to you all.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Party Leader.

Local Elections

Just a reminder, there will be local elections in your area on Thursday May the 5th 2022. Parish, Town, District or County. All free of charge no deposit needed. If you intend stand for the Loony Party you have to get a notice of consent from our nominations officer. Easily done by calling him on 07946292557. Also call this number if you’re unsure or need to know anything. Papers will have to be returned to your election office during the first week of April. We already have six councillors, lets see if we can’t double that at least.
Let your local Election Office know that you intend to stand ASAP to get full coverage, they will send you the papers or you can collect them. Any problems, we are here to help.
In the meantime all eyes on Erdington Birmingham for the Parliamentary By-Election on Thurs 3rd March. Our candidate is The Good Knight Sir NosDa, we all wish him luck.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope

Lord Colin Murray – Fired & Hired!

Due to the present Governments policy of removing restrictions on the general public we took the radical step of sacking one of our members, Lord Colin Murray, who was our Minister of Locks, Inns & unsocial pub hours. This has created a space in our forward-thinking team of experts so we have created a new Minister for Cups of Conversation, Connection & Community. We have decided to appoint as Minister, the more than qualified Lord Colin Murray to head this new cubbyhole in our overcrowded cabinet*
*The key to our party cabinet has now been taken away from Lord Murray in an attempt to prevent any future transgressions.
Agent Chinners

New Year Loony Honours

As ever, we like to recognise those that have been overlooked by in the annual bribe or buy gong system. Not only are the following deserving recipients now worthy title holders, they also have an OFFICIAL Loony Ministry to maintain for future generations. This year we decided to go back to our roots as the true party that supports Rock n Roll.
Lord James Blunt
Minister of Self Deprecation of Twitter Lost Souls
Lady KT Tunstall
Minister of Evil Eyes that may struggle to Hear
Lord Justin Hawkins
Minister of Sutch Lightness Falsettos

Happy / Loony New Year to you all.

Sorry this message is a bit late, unfortunately I have been flooded out of my flat, and am living in the local Premier Inn until repairs are completed. I haven’t had access to my computer.
This year started where the last one finished, Locked Down, Locked Out and Locked up. Until May that was, then we were all up and running for the local elections. May 6th saw The Flying Brick contesting the Hartlepool Parliamentary By-election. Plus an ‘Asylum of Loonys’ contesting various Town and Parish elections around the country, of which we came out with 6 seats, very well done to you all.
September saw us all converge on Louth Lincolnshire for our annual conference, all went well, and a great time was had by all.
December turned out to be a very good month for us, two by-elections in a fortnight. Firstly Bexley and Sidcup in Greater London Dec 2nd, Mad Mike Young was a great ‘Defender of our Faith’ and put on a great show, with the help of myself and our local party members from that area.
Dec 16th I was the candidate in Shropshire North coming 8th from 14 candidates, once again with The Brick being my agent and local party members joining in.
The Guinness Book of Records have now accepted my claim to being the longest serving Parliamentary Party Leader in GB, having just usurped Clement Attlee, who funnily enough once live in Fleet Hampshire where I do. He did 21 years, I have now been leader for 22 years, so will be in the GBR the next issue later this year. Thanks to my publicist Sir Derrill Carr.
Conference this year not finalised as yet, but will be soon. Keep an eye on the web site.
Once again thanks to all who have obtained a copy of my autobiography ‘The Great White Hope’, if you don’t have a copy as yet, it can be arranged, an autographed book. Call 07946292557 for more details.
See you all somewhere later in the year. Stay Loony
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader