Newspaper Cuttings

2015_7892_Tasting_Notes_Ascot2nd & 3rd Oct 2015
Royal Ascot Tasting Notes








Autumn 2015
CAMRA’s ‘News & Ale’






2015_6752_The_Herald_28_Aug28th Aug 2015
The Herald





2015_6751_News_and_Mail_27_Aug27th Aug 2015
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’





2015_6452_News_and_Mail_20_Aug20th Aug 2015
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’





2015_6453_Farnham_Herald_18_Aug18th Aug 2015
Farnham Herald







2015_5405_CAMRA_Whats_Brewing_AugAugust 2015
CAMRA’s ‘What’s Brewing’







2015_5401_CAMRA_News_Ale_SummerSummer 2015
CAMRA’s ‘News & Ale’





2015_3852_Ullage_CAMRA_West_Berks_magazine_JulJul 2015
Ullage West Berks CAMRA Magazine







2015_3851_News_and_Mail_2_Jul2nd Jul 2015
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’







2015_3531_Basingstoke_Gazette_11_Jun11th Jun 2015
Basingstoke Gazette





11th Jun 2015
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’




Summer 2015
Wetherspoons Magazine



2015_2761_News_and_Mail_14_May14th May 2015
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’





2015_2301_CAMRA_Surrey_Hants_Spring_2015Spring 2015
CAMRA Surrey & Hants Borders branch magazine



2015_0223_Beer_Lines_WinterWinter 2015
CAMRA North Hants branch quarterly magazine – winter edition 2015





2015_0224_News_and_Mail_15_Jan15th Jan 2015
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’







8th Jan 20152015_0191_News_and_Mail_8_Jan
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’







2014_9151_Mines_A_Pint_DecDec 2014
CAMRA’s “Mine’s A Pint” magazine













2014_8551_Star_and_Courier_6_Nov6th Nov 2014
Surrey & Hants Star Courier




2014_8071_CAMERA_Surrey_Hampshire_Magazine_OctOct 2014
CAMRA’s Surrey and Hampshire branches quarterly magazine (autumn/winter edition).




2014_7457_County_Times_10_Oct10th Oct 2014
County Times, Powys.







2014_7271_Star_Courier_2_Oct_0022nd Oct 2014
Surrey & Hants Star Courier





2014_7101_Wetherspoons_Magazine_SepSep 2014
Wetherspoons Magazine
This is the 3rd time this year that Howling has featured in the Wetherspoon’s quarterly magazine.






25th Sep 2014
Basingstoke Gazette







2014_6441_News_and_Mail_11_Sep11th Sep 2014
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’





2014_6402_Hereford_TimesJul 2014
Hereford Times








2014_6401_CAMRA_Angle_Sep_002Sep 2014








2014_6371_Camra_GBG11th Sep 2014
CAMRA Good Beer Guide






2014_6301_Mid_Wales_Journal_29_Aug29th Aug 2014
Mid Wales Journal







2014_5921_Surrey_Hants_Star_Courier_AugAug 2014
Surrey Hants Star Courier







2014_5920_Farnham_Herald_29_Aug29th Aug 2014
Farnham Herald





2014_5625_News_and_Mail_14_Aug14th Aug 2014
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’






2014_5251_News_and_Mail_31_Jul31 July 2014
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’





2014_5195_Basingstoke_Gazette_28_Jul28th July 2014
Basingstoke Gazette








2014_5162_News_and_Mail_24_Jul24th July 2014
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’




2014_5161_Bracknell_News_23_Jul23rd July 2014
Bracknell News





2014_5161_Bracknell_News_Online_23_Jul23rd July 2014
Bracknell News (Online)








2014_5151_Basingstoke_Gazette_17_Jul17th July 2014
Basingstoke Gazette &
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’






2014_4421_Basingstoke_Gazette_26_Jun26th June 2014
Basingstoke Gazette







2014_4021_SIBA_Journal_MarchMarch 2014
SIBA Journal





2014_2841_Wetherspoon_Summer_MagazineSummer 2014
Wetherspoons magazine






2014_2672_Wantage_Grove_Review_26_May26th May 2014
Wantage & Grove Review







2014_2671_Star_Courier_22_May22nd May 2014
Star Courier








21st May 2014
Reading Chronicle







2014_2641_Winchester_News_15_May15th May 2014
Winchester News






2014_2621_Hampshire_Chronicle_8_May8th May 2014
Hampshire Chronicle




2014_2533_Southern_Daily_Echo_6_May6th May 2014
Southern Daily Echo





2014_2471_News_and_Mail_1_May1st May 2014
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’





2014_2472_News_and_Mail_1_May1st May 2014
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’





2014_2331_North_Hampshire_News_24_Apr24th Apr 2014
North Hampshire News
Wild Weather Launch


2014_1271_Basingstoke_Gazette_17_Apr17th Apr 2014
Basingstoke Gazette
HowlinGale Launch




14th Apr 2014
CAMRA Website





2014_1201_Star_Courier_10_Apr10th Apr 2014
Star Courier
HowlinGale lauch at Wild Weather Brewery




2014_1051_whatpub_com_8_Mar8th Mar 2014
Story about the Prince Arthur in Fleet
In CAMRA’s website







2014_1001_News_and_Mail_5_Mar5th Mar 2014
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’






8th Jan 20142014_0401_Chard_and_Ilminster_News_8_Jan
Chard and Ilminster News







4th Jan 20142014_0301_Cheddar_Valley_News_4_Jan
Cheddar Valley News







3rd Jan 20142014_Ascot_Ales_Van
Story on the GetHampshire site





2nd Jan 2014Hampshire_News_and_Mail_2_Jan_2014
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’





2nd Jan 20142014_0151_Bath_Chronicle_2_Jan
Bath Chronicle 2nd Jan 2014
Newspaper article by the Bath Chronicle about the ‘Volunteer Rifleman’s Arms’ pub selling ‘In The Black’ by Cheddar Ales.



12th Dec 20132013_0352_Chichester_Observer_Langham_12_Dec
Midhurst and Petworth Observer writing about the launch of Co-ALE-ition Gold by the Langham Brewery.






3rd Dec 20132013_Frome_Times_Milk_Street_3_Dec
Frome Times
The launch at Milk Street






3rd Dec 20132013_0361_Western_Gazette_Cross_Keys_Lydford_3_Dec
Western Gazette covering the Cross Keys in Lydford







3rd Oct 20132013_0351_Basingstoke_Gazette_3_Oct
Basingstoke Gazette



26th Sep 20132013_News_and_Mail_26_Sep
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’







18th Sep 20132013_0271_Wetherspoon_News_18_Sep
Wetherspoon News







17th Sep 20132013_0251_Basingstoke_Gazette_17_Sep
Basingstoke Gazette







12th Sep 20132013_0071_News_and_Mail_12_Sep
Hampshire ‘News and Mail’