‘ScreamingLord Sutch’ political roundup and potted history

Lord Sutch contested 41 parliamentary seats in all:- The First on 15th Aug 1963 for the ‘National Teenage Party’ polling 209 in ‘Stratford on Avon’ a By-election. The Second on 31st March 1966 in ‘Huyton’ for the ‘NTP’ polling 585,General Election.The 3rd on 18th June for the ‘Young Ideas Party’ in ‘City of Westminster’ polling 142, also a General Election.
His 4th was on 10th Oct 1974 for the ‘Go to Blazes Party’ in ‘Stafford and Stone’ also a General  Election polling 351 votes.
He never stood  in General or By-elections again for 9 years until the formation of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, which was formed in 1982 on 16th June by Lord Sutch and Alan Hope at the Golden Lion in Ashburton in Devon.
Lord Sutch was the first to stand for the OMRLP 26th Feb 1983 at a By-election in ‘Bermondsey’ polling 97 votes.
He was also second to do so in 1983 on 23rd March in ‘Darlington’ polling 374 votes. June 9th 1983 saw the first General Election in for the OMRLP,Lord Sutch stood in Finchley polling 235 votes and 11 more candidates stood. Lord Sutch then stood a further 36 times for the OMRLP making 39 in all, up until 1999!
His best ever vote was in Rotherham on the 5th May 1994 when he polled 1,114 votes, his worst ever was in Kensington on the 14th July 1988 polling 61 votes.
Lord Sutch, contrary to popular belief, only ever stood in 5 General Elections 1966-1970-1974-1983-1992 although contested 8 seats, 3 in General of 1992 when he stood in Huntingdon – Islwyn – Yeovil all on same date 9th April!

Its been reported over the years by different media organisations that the ‘Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ was formed in 1983, this is not quite true.
The party was formed in 1982 on June 16th at the Golden Lion Hotel in Ashburton Devon. The co-founders were ‘Screaming Lord Sutch’ and our current leader ‘Howling Laud Hope’ aka David and Alan. The confusion arises  because the first time the party stood under this name in a parliamentary election was in 1983, Lord Sutch stood in Finchley against Margaret Thatcher!