The UK is currently in a state of lockdown. We in the caring & sharing Loony party are going to relieve any boredom whilst you are self-isolating with a series of fun, games, music and some fabulous Loony prizes via our Twitter account OFFICIAL_MRLP in conjunction with every official Lotto (c) draw on Wednesday & Saturday until the lockdown is over.

All rules and daily competitions or tasks along with da rools will be displayed on here, our OFFICIAL website as well as our Facebook and obviously Twitter accounts . . .

#StaySafe, #StayIndoors & #StayLoony . . . good luck! OMRLP

Keep Calm!

Off our trolleys

The Monster Raving Loony Party has recently come to the aid of Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London. He appealed to Londoners via Twitter to only buy what they need. We came to his assistance with our #Manicfesto policy for supermarkets to lock away the trolleys. Lord Andrew of Neil picked up the tweet and circulated. At present we have yet to hear from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, M&S, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi, the Co-op and Asda. Maybe they are busy locking up their trolleys!

If you are self-isolating. . . here’s a page for you to download and colour in.

Thank you to ‘The SkyKeepers’

Local Council News Update

All council elections on the 7th May 2020 have been cancelled until the 6th of May 2021. So disregard my last comment about standing in your own area. You now have much more time to make up your mind. It will be part of my speech at the conference, just to remind all of those who have said ‘next time’ it will be me! See you all there, if not before.
The Howling ‘Laud’.

Elections this coming May

If any of you are considering standing, you must get a letter of authority from the Nominating Officer. This is very easy to do, just e-mail – a.hope70@ntlworld.com – with your name and address, and the name of the seat you wish to stand.
This time around all elections are local, be it Parish, Town, District or County. No deposit, all free of charge and we can talk you through it step by step.
So c’mon all of you that have said “next time” now is your chance to make yourself famous.
The Howling ‘Laud’

Conference update, add to list of acts – The Monster Raving Loony “Turkish Delight” Belly Dancers!!!

The Lauding it up with the Luddites Conference

The 37th Monster Raving Loony Party Conference.
All is now arranged. It will be held in Louth in Lincolnshire Thurs 24th Fri 25th Sat 26th September. Having just spent 4 days in the town I can assure you that we will be very welcome. With the help of The Iconic Arty Pole and Sarah ‘Mad Cow’ Howard, we visited the venue, ‘The Cobbles’ a very famous Louth Meeting and Music locale.

Thanks to Ben Young the Landlord, a fine gentleman he is too, I’m sure you will all get on very well with him and his customers, I did!

Other pubs and bars around are prepared to join in, The Consortium, a local micro brewery have two Loony Juices on right now Howling ’Laud’ Hop(e) and Lily the Pink cider. It won’t run out, they brew their own.

The Kings Head Hotel, ideal location, just of Market Square. Call Sharon, 01507 602965 speak only to her, she knows we are coming. Tell her who you are, and that you are with The Loony Party. Also The Pack Horse, speak only to Julie 07969 089646 or 07305 140848 tell her the same. You may get good deals! They both know me, so mention my name – Alan Hope.
There are others around, some only £75 for 3 nights, but a bus or taxi ride away. Many more in town centre though.

Camping and Motor Home accommodation is available by contacting Peter Hill 01507450325 or Sarah Howard 07578193191 with some cheap rooms on a first come basis. A little out of the town centre, but mini bus service free of charge in and out. Accommodation in town is plentiful around the Market Square, that will be the hub of the conference. Have a shop around, some Air BNB very reasonable also.

Already booked Dr Diablo and the Rodent Show, Joe Jammer and of course Bad Axe. Many more updates to follow, will keep you all informed.

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader.

Well there yer go then

Well there you go then, 20 nnnnnn19 is over. I trust you all had a great Christmas.
I started the year in my usual fashion, disappearing to Lanzarote in January. Was very pleased to be able to Christen our new Lanzo Loony Party HQ, ‘Tiggers Bar’, in Playa Honda, right next door to ‘The Monster Radio’ building, on the main bus route, couldn’t be better. If your ever over there, make a point of calling in.
March, once more out in Malta with our Mediterranean Loonies. April, I was visited by one of our Canadian members, Virgina Hill. She tells me all is fine over there, Loony wise that is. We have another branch just starting in Canada, so will put them in touch.

In May I stood for a seat on my local district council of Hart, Hampshire gaining 112 votes, more than 100% up on last time. Once again to no avail, but I’ll guarantee ‘one day’ it will happen. Still on Fleet Town Council though.

End of May into June, became an exciting time, gearing up for the Peterborough By-election on June 6th. From 15 candidates, we came 10th. A jolly good show was put on, by our party members who attended the count.

July, I was sadly down in Ashburton, our spiritual home, for the funeral of one of our staunchest disbelievers, Alan Phillips. A great friend of mine, but a Conservative through and through. Although he enjoyed our conferences down there.

End of July, I was over in Wales for the Brecon and Radnorshire By-election, on August 1st, supporting our stalwart candidate Lily the Pink. A great show was put on once more by all those that were there. Again, not coming last, we actually beat UKIP, much to their annoyance!!

September, I was up in Liverpool for 10 days, trying to do some research on my autobiography that is ensuing. Leaving straight from there and driving to Belper for our yearly conference. The ‘Belter in Belper’ was even more ‘Belterer’ than the last ‘Belter in Belper’!!!

October 31st, supposed to be a big day, we will definitely leave the EU, supposed to have done that in March too, if I remember. Never mind a General Election was called instead, for December 12th, which played right into our hands, we love ’em. 24 candidates stood for our Loony Party, you can read about individual experiences on our web site. My personal memories of this one are, that we were filmed by Tokyo Broadcasting for Japanese TV. Also RT for Russia. I personally did a radio broadcast across to New Zealand and an hour long pod cast for ‘The Times’ on line and newspaper. Plus it was a great honour to be invited to be guest speaker at Oxford College, Balliol, for the Wilberforce Society. So publicity for the party was phenomenal.

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope making his acceptance speech, accepting the fact that he got 576 votes and thanking all those who voted for him, plus commiserating with all those who didn’t!

I Decided to stand in my own local constituency of North East Hampshire, along with/against the newly elected Conservative party vice chairman Ranil Jayawardena. I didn’t want to be dashing off all over the country in December. It paid off in its own way, no I didn’t win, but I got 576 votes, my highest ever, beating the 553 that I got in both Aldershot and Leicester South.

Once more I’d like to congratulate our three high flyers, The Iconic Arty Pole 1,044, Earl Elvis of Outwell 836, Barmy Lord Brockman 638, jolly good show, thanks to all 24 of our candidates. Especially, last but not least, The Raving Mr P in Peterborough with 113 votes. You’re all pencilled in for the next time around.

If all the messages of congratulations that I’ve had through the media are anything to go by, next General Election we should have 120 candidates

This just about sums me up for another year. I’d like to thank our members, supporters and party sympathisers. Also our team of Loonies behind the scenes that make it all tick.

Conference next year, under scrutiny, likely to be in Louth in Lincolnshire. Will report further when I return from Malta this coming January.
Just leaves me to wish you all the Happiest of New Years, and we’ll meet again my friends. Don’t know where, but I do know when, in 2020 of course!!!

See – loonyparty.com for more info on mentioned articles.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Loony Party Leader.