Chester By-election Roundup

Didn’t we do well, not coming last once again – he he.

I spent 10 days there embedded in the Wetherspoon ‘Bull and Stirrup’ Hotel. An excellent Party Political HQ, with the kind permission of Sir Tim Martin.

Word soon got around the city that I was there, many people came in / dropped by to say hello. If all those that said that they would vote for me had done so I would have won!

But there it is, I kept our flag flying with the help of my agent ‘Nick the Flying Brick’, superb job as always.

The Brick, Mr RU Seerius, Lady Hel ‘n Bak, Sheikh Mihand and Red Rocket Ron Stevenson were all there on the count night. Once again we stars of the show, with cameras flashing and everybody pleased to see us.

Every candidate was happy and shaking hands, “hello how are you?”, that is until someone wins.
Did you see the look on the Labour winner’s face when I shook her hand. She is now an MP helping to run country for all of us, no matter which party I belong to. I think this was pointed out to her, by more than a couple of people.

Our next foray will be sometime in the New Year, Jan/ Feb not too sure as yet. It will be in The West Lancs constituency and Ormskirk is the central town. Keep an eye on our web site – I shall see you all there if not before my friends.

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader.

Bus Pass Elvis

#LoonyLotto is Back!

For one month only, our Prize-Winning series of fun, games and Loonyness returns to Twitter. Run in conjunction with some of our celebrity Ministers, this is your chance to win merchandise, Loony membership and other prizes.

City of Chester By-election

Nomination papers submitted and accepted for the Parliamentary By-election in Chester on Thurs Dec 1st.
Our candidate will be our illustrious leader, Howling ‘Laud’ Hope. Thanks to our intrepid treasurer, ‘Nick the Flying Brick’ for being his usual self, and going out of his way to make sure this is done!
Keep an eye on our web site for any updates, but any members in that area who would like to be involved, please get in touch.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Party Leader
07946 292 557

Lord Soames

I’ve stood against Sir Nicholas Soames at three general elections.

He’s been a long time supporter of the Loony Party and a man I greatly respect. I’m pleased to see that he’s now become ‘Lord Soames’ an honour that was long overdue.
Congratulations your Lordship.

Baron Von Thunderclap

OFFICIAL Loony Minister Accidentally Appointed

Since September the present Government, like many before them, have been making polices before changing their minds & appointing people unsuitable for roles before sacking them within weeks. In short, they have just been winging it.
It is with great flair on the outside of the political pitch that we delightfully announce the appointment of a new Loony Minister who will be responsible for “Winging It”. This was an accidental appointment by 43.6% of voters on Twitter, undertaken in a true democratic process via a poll’
We welcome Lord Pat Nevin, ‘Minister of Winging It’ to the loonyverse!

Lord Benny Baker

Some good news, as many of you will know, over the years we have had some great results and a good following in Gloucester.
By way of ‘Dancing Ken Hanks’ and ‘St George Rideon’. Both very sadly passed on now, RIP my friends. However we now have a new member and candidate who wants to represent us in Gloucester in their memory.
Lord Benjamine Baker, yes a real ‘Lord’ wants to be our Chairman for the Gloucestershire area, and stand in any local and Parliamentary elections that come his way.
Lets all make him very welcome!
The Howling Laud.

Conference Roundup

Party Conference was held in Coalville Leicestershire 22-25 Sept 22
The venue was the famous Victoria Music Rooms in Whitwick Road. We were the first ever political party  invited to hold their conference in ‘The House Of Commons’, for this establishment is owned by a certain Mr John Commons, ha ha!!

I booked into Coalville on Thurs 15th just to make sure all went well and as usual it did. The wander around town letting all know what, and where it was happening is always good fun. Plus meeting up with the media. I spent 3 days with Chris Hills and Edna from, doing a news documentary.

Also Alex Zoboli of ‘Cesura’ productions came all the way from Italy, he is doing a documentary and a book on World Politics, and his company insisted that we be included, he was in attendance for the whole duration. I felt proud of the Party, and the recognition that we have achieved.

During the convention we were entertained by some great bands, ‘Morderstein’ – ‘Audiorage’, and ‘Gripper and the Gonads’ on Friday. Saturday saw our usual dance around town with the ‘The Black Pig Morris Side’, one hell of a spectacle and the town loved us.

Then back to base for our annual Cabinet Reshuffle, of course in a bedroom cabinet, why do you ask? Followed by the Leaders Speech, then on with show. Guest of honour Matthew Fisher the Tiswas Bunny, remember him. He sang Bright Eyes, and we set a new world record of Kazoo players backing him.

We also set the the record for the first organsiation/crowd etc to play God save the King on a kazoo. 41 kazoo’s  to be precise. Another World record set by the Loony Party

With more great music to follow from ‘Murder of the Crows’ followed by ‘Cocked and Loaded’, all held together by the resident compere ‘Mr Bad Axe Bad Axe’, so good we named him twice.

A special thanks to John Commons, Dave and the Vic team for accommodating us. And even more of an applause for all our members and local peoples for joining in and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

When are you coming back was the last cry I heard. Nice to know we are welcome again.
Just a short note of notoriety – We Were The First Political Party To Hold A Conference In The Reign Of King Charles III.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader.