Rochdale By-election

Ravin Rodent Subortna is our candidate in the Rochdale By-election on the leaping 29th Feb.
His number: 07787 410462
Here are a few of his policies:

As an MP he would campaign for the introduction of a 99p coin to save on change

He said he would call for all roundabouts to have fairground carousels in the middle to tell cars where to go and prevent road rage.

Among his other policies is a plan for all new-build housing to have hedgehog homes included to help eradicate homelessness for hedgehogs, and making sure hedgehogs had lollipop signs to help them cross the road.

Ravin says he is aiming to win “zero votes” because “that would be fair to give everybody else a chance”.

Wellingborough By-election Policies

I am very pleased to be standing for the Wellingborough by-election on the 15th Feb. I ask to be ‘thrown a bone’ to bury it with a loony landslide under the yellow hedgerow of insanity.
I am a single issue politician and have stood in numerous parliamentary elections campaigning as a Loony Party Shadow Minister for the ‘abolition of gravity’.
Other policies:

  • The Loony Party is to democracy what the blonde comb-over is to Donald Trump, without it you would see a stark, shiny, naked pate.
  • Parliament will be levelled up by relocating to Kilnway where I collected my ten signatures to stand.
  • Return flights from Rwanda will be filled with silverback gorillas for recruitment into the Metropolitan Police.
  • Wellingborough Golf Club will be developed into an intergalactic space port.
  • Return the British currency to pounds, shillings, pence, farthings and groats. Little Irchester will trade in shiny beads.
  • The Loony Party would issue fifty trillion pounds of quantitative easing and give all voters free lunch and complimentary drinks.
  • All our remaining gold reserves will be placed on the last race at Huntingdon Races in a bid to reduce the national debt,
  • Fishing will be made a spectator sport by introducing piranha into the River Nene.

Not all Loony Party policies are ‘short-term’. My future-proof policy for 2424 is to name the gravitationally neutral and floating nature of planetary centres as ‘Delvsinian’ space.

Vote for Insanity, Vote for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party!
Nick the Flying Brick

Loony New Years Honours 2024

As is customary, OFFICIAL Loony Ministries have been awarded to worthy recipients for several years now with 2023 seeing additional honours bestowed to commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III as well as to others we just felt deserved one!
In fact back in late January, we outlined our reasons to appoint Lord Tony Blackburn to the Loonyverse official-birthday-honours after decades of being over-looked and are delighted to note that the UK Honours Committee have finally seen the error of their ways by addressing this issue with an OBE for Lord Blackburn!
So in no particular order, we can now reveal the class of 2024 . . .

Lord Alice Cooper – Minister of Home Skooling.
Sadly after the Poison of lockdowns imposed upon the youth of the UK a few years ago, many have still not returned to school to continue their education with some sources suggesting a rise of over 50% upon pre Covid figures! Lord Cooper’s vast experience of this issue, and not just while they are out for Summer, will benefit all under Eighteen aged Frankenstein’s who have found themselves Under the Wheels of the system, with his No More Mr Nice Guy approach so we Welcome him to his Nightmare of a Ministry with a Hello-Hooray!

Wee Lady Claire Lim – Minister of Twitchy Hot Pod Time & Comic Con Mixtapes Machines.
In preparation for her ministerial duties, ‘American’ resident Lady Lim imbibed a two-week treatment of Hot Toddies whilst in bed with the flu that resulted from receiving the news of the aforementioned honour that has been appointed to her. We wish her well with her recovery.

Lord James Melville – First Lieutenant & Minister of Nessiteras Rhombopteryx.
Following in the footsteps of his influential namesakes, the Minister & Reformer (1556-1614), Diplomat & Writer (1535-1617), Labour Politician (1885-1931) and most importantly for his new role, Botanist and Malacologist (1845-1929), Lord Melville has been operating as an OFFICIAL Loony Agent since the 2020 lockdown games on Twitter known as #LoonyLotto. He was so good in this role that it is only now that we can reveal that he was the guardian of our mascot Nessie in the only unsolved game in the series whilst he was having a Great Sleepout.

Lord Paul McNamee – Minister for BIG Issues.
A special music journalist that drew a Blank mixing with Lord Colin Murray whilst taking the New Musical Express. Due to his apolitical stance, Lord McNamee has been appointed as a crossbench Lord which we hope to exchange for a more happy comfy chair for him to cogitate on all the BIG Issues  currently affecting the Loonyverse and not just the politically homeless ones.

Lady Janey Godley – Minister of Honey Flavoured Sausage Dugs.
With the swing of her showstopping placard, Lady Godley will be our loony voiceover for any future General Election campaign which will ensure that we will Trump all those that cant. A live tour has been arranged to rehearse for the imminent Loony Mudslide.

Lord Mike Bubbins – Minister of Public Nudity for Suspicious Minds of Bins, Bums & Bikes.
Whilst we already have several retrosexual members that pay great homage to Elvis, there is always enough room to appoint another, especially one that is so utterly compelling & Mammoth, that can light up any after hours drinking club! Our 1970’s cabinet has finally got it’s makeover. Uh-huh!

Roundup 2023

I trust you had a great Christmas. Is it just me, is Christmas time not quite the same since lockdown?
We got off to a flying start in early January when A Gent Chinners appeared on The James Whale Show. This was followed with the West Lancashire by-election in February where I gained 210 votes.
March was a bad time for us when we said say goodbye to our Deputy Chairman Barmy Lord Brockman, he died all of a sudden which was very sad.
Later in March Lord Benny Baker gained 22 votes in the Gloucester City Election. We retained 5 seats in the local elections, plus a double defection. Steve Exotic and Paul the Poet who were ‘Independent’ on the North Allerton Council ‘walked across the floor’ to become members of The Loony Party.
The Monster Raving Loony were the subject of an exhibition at the museum in Ashburton, the town where our party was formed in 1982. Screaming Lord Sutch stood for the first time under our new name in 1983, Tower Hamlets in London, so this year is our 40th anniversary of campaigning! Our first sixteen conferences were held in this town so many in Ashburton donated memorabilia.
On May 19th I was guest speaker at Eton College, Lord Lawson and OB Joyful came along with me, it was an interesting day and we were well looked after.
Next up, in July, Sir Archibald Stanton and Gilly stood in Selby and Ainsty, same day as I stood Uxbridge and Ruislip. Dare I say none of us won, but then we didn’t come last either. Also in July I was a guest on ‘The Vermin Supreme’ Show out in New Hampshire USA. We had some great banter when I told him that his place was a fake, and I lived in Old Hampshire England the original.
Our September conference was held at our Welsh HQ the Neuadd Arms Hotel, Llanwrtyd Wells. This was our 39th conference and for the very first time ever, it rained on the Saturday for our ‘Cabinet Reshuffle’. The whole weekend was dedicated to Barmy Lord Brockman, RIP my friend.
October 19th saw two by-election’s, in Tamworth and Mid bedfordshire. I was the candidate in Tamworth, gaining 155 votes. Many watched the result and wondered why I was not on TV for the declaration. That morning I had been ambulanced to hospital where I remained for ten days. I am pleased to report that all is fine now. In Mid Bedfordshire, our candidate The Mid Bed Minx did very well polling 249 votes.
I was interviewed and filmed for a TV piece on Dec 20th to be shown on London Live, I will let you know when it will be broadcast.
Remember, remember there will be Local Elections in 2024, plus a General. Locals are all free of charge, Generals are £500 deposit, but you can get it back if you obtain enough votes. You can’t just stand, you must get authorisation from our Nominations Officer, he can be got on 07946292557 or
I would much like to thank the team Flying Brick, Baron Von Thunderclap, RU Seerius, Knigel Knapp, and A Gent Chinners the world famous Twitterer.
Not forgetting all our Party Members and followers, thank you for just being who you are. Also people who have obtained a copy of my book, thank you very much.
So that’s about it for now.
You all have a fantastic New Year. I’m off to Malta in January to meet up with our Mediterranean Loonies. I have not been there for 6 years now, so some stories to tell I expect.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope, Loony Party Leader

Ministerial Loony Activities – Part Cuatro

We can now proudly update you all with some more of our OFFICIAL Loony Ministers latest and forthcoming antics. More to follow in the next couple of weeks…

Lord Matthew Wright – Minister of Wrights, Wrongs & Lefts.
As usual, Lord Wright has been busy with his show on LBC radio, questioning unofficial loony party representatives on the drivel they spout whilst also keeping This Morning viewers entertained. Hawkwind collaboration possibilities are underway for next year along with keeping Princess Cassady on the straight & narrow.

Lord Dave Savage – Minister of Hair & Fringe Politics.
As our Minister responsible for Government Cuts, Lord Savage was rather miffed to not have been consulted for his considerable experience on this matter by the present Chancellor Jeremy Hunt before announcing his Autumn Statement. To console himself, Lord Savage has rounded up troops for a special gala performance on Boxing Day along with celebrating Stray Cats Day.

Lady Bouvs – Party Whip
It has been a very hectic time for ‘mlady, what with all the unofficial loony MPs misbehaving at every turn possible. As it is customary, Bouvs is once again giving her gazillion fans a special treat with her Advent Calendar whilst giving some serious consideration to which constituency to stand in for the looming General Election.

More Ministerial Going-On’s in a few days after we have finalised the recipients on our NEW YEAR HONOURS list with a well-deserved award of an OFFICIAL Loony Ministry to maintain come the imminent Loony Mudslide, but… Who will our 5 new Ministers be?

Stewart Exotic in Sowerby and Topcliffe, N Yorkshire

Accompanied by a full sized tiger Stewart Exotic energetically campaigned in the North Yorkshire County Council Sowerby and Topcliffe by-election. He braved freezing blizzards and treacherous conditions at the hustings so valiantly found his way to the pub. Pictured with Paul the Poet after securing twenty votes.
Paul the Poet

Ministerial Loony Activities – Part Tres

We can now proudly update you all with some more of our OFFICIAL Loony Ministers latest and forthcoming antics with more to follow in the next couple of weeks on this website…

Lord Colin Murray – Minister of the Cups of Connection, Conversation & Community*
Despite a recent sip from a cup of Corona, Lord Murray has been a busy boy planning his weeknights show for Radio5Live along with daily gaming in the afternoons on Channel 4. He has now been given the role to monitor the Countdown to the forthcoming General Election which will no doubt result in an OFFICIAL Loony Mudslide.
(* Due to BBC & Channel4 guidelines, The OMRLP are required to point out that Lord Murray is totally impartial and would also be a Loony Minister of any other political party, should they feel inclined to appoint him)

Lord, Rev & Dr Clive Jackson – Minister of Love, Peace & Bananas
With Christmas approaching, Lord Jackson has recorded a cracker of a tune with some friends in aid of the King George & Queen’s Hospital Charity. He can also be found hosting a delightful selection of tunes every Thursday on 365Radio
The Christmas Crackers for King George & Queen’s Hospital Charity

Lord of Asteroid 52665 Brian May – Minister of the Badger Starfleet
With the weather being so unpredictable at the moment, Lord May has come up with a suitably loony umbrella to protect you from these various elements falling from the skies, however, they may not be of any help in defending the plethora of nonsense currently raining down from the unofficial loony politicians. Meanwhile the new series of ‘Andy & the Oddsocks’ gets some Rock n Roll guidance from Lord May

Their show every Thursday at 10am on Radio Alty (which can be accessed via the Radio button on our website) continues to spread the Loony gospel far & wide along with pearls of wisdom & guidance solving listeners Donut Dilemma’s sutch as using Golf club Captains as target practice.

More Ministerial antics coming soon…

Ministerial Loony Activities – Part Dos

We can now proudly update you all with some more of our OFFICIAL Loony Ministers latest and forthcoming antics with more to follow in the next couple of weeks on this website . . .

Lord Mike Batt – Minister of Music & Mirth
Preparations are underway in Loony HQ Towers, hunting out a suitable snarky safe seat for him to occupy at the next General Election. With Easter not far away, we recommend checking out the shop where you can obtain all sorts of Lord Batt stuff.

Lord Badly Drawn Boy – Minister of Bewilderment
His sold out 25th something tour has an additional date added for 11th December with some bewildering acoustic conversational dates lined up for 2024


The Nolans – Ministers of Happy Family Mood Dancing
With Blackpool being considered as a possible #LoonyConf24 destination, negotiations are being drawn up for the musical entertainment, with our favorite sisters being at the top of our wish list.


Lord James Whale – Minister of Saving Whales in Wales.
As well as his weekly show on TalkTV, Lord Whale has been busy with LadyW doing his delightful Living with Cancer podcast



Lord Tony Blackburn – Minister for Disc Jockey’s having Fun
Possibly one of our busiest Ministers at present with a plethora of radio shows along with taking his Sounds of Sixties to nearly everywhere possible in the UK.

Ministerial Loony Activities – Part Uno

Many of our OFFICIAL Loony Ministers have been very busy bees of late so we think it is only proper & correct to inform you all about some of their current pound sterling work in a mini Loony series of updates in the next couple of weeks on this website…

Howling Laud Hope – Party Leader
One night back in the early 1960’s our Glorious Party Leader upstaged a new band on the scene who called themselves The Beatles. Details of this footnote in history can be explored further in his book
‘The Great White Hope’

Lord Bob Harris – Minister of Testing Whispers & Whistles
On a similar note, back in the day that band had written so many songs that they could not record them all. Lord Harris, along with music journalist Colin Hall, are now undertaking an intimate speaking tour until May 2024 discussing
‘The Songs The Beatles Gave Away’

Lady Sophie Green – Minister for Conserving Leopard’s Spots
Our ridiculously talented Mighty Fine Artist raises much needed money for conservation projects, and currently has one of her original pieces up for auction in aid of ‘Explorers Against Extinction‘. We are very much looking forward to her future project to help ‘Save the Dodo’

Lord John Robb – Minister of the Alternative Underground
‘The Power of ROCK N ROLL’ is a long held passion of the party since our Spiritual Leader, Screaming Lord Sutch, first stood for election back in 1963. Lord Robb will be discussing this and much more on his spoken word Spring tour of 2024 ‘The Power of ROCK N ROLL

Lord Taylor Mod – Minister of Magic Circles and #MagicModMonday
After years of practice and studying, we are delighted to announce that our Magical Minister has now passed all the tests and is now an OFFICIAL member of The Magic Circle

More Ministerial updates coming soon…

The Mid Bed Minx’s By-Election Campaign

We love to campaign and as soon as the by election was called I made an appointment at the council offices to be registered as a candidate.
Our campaigning took two ways; keeping the Loonies in the public eye by standing outside various shops with posters. And going to the local pubs. We have found the best thing to do in the pubs is to sit down and let people come to you. Everyone likes the loonies. We give out leaflets etc. and now a Loony candidate is expected.
A big thank you to my team: Charly Fitzpatrick and my son Alistair. I received 249 votes.
Ann Kelly – The Mid Bed Minx