Birmingham Erdington By-election

The Good Knight, Sir NosDa – our Shadow Minister for Information Super-highway Maintenance – has been nominated to represent the party in the Birmingham Erdington By-election on the 3rd of March.

He had previously announce his retirement from politics, at the end of 2019 and after his 6th General Election, however with doctors, teachers, and lorry drivers all recently being asked to come out of retirement for the good of the country he did not feel like he could refuse – instead he mumbled “ar bay a brummie”.

NosDa can be found on twitter, facebook, or running around a local park at 9am on a Saturday morning.

Lord Colin Murray – Fired & Hired!

Due to the present Governments policy of removing restrictions on the general public we took the radical step of sacking one of our members, Lord Colin Murray, who was our Minister of Locks, Inns & unsocial pub hours. This has created a space in our forward-thinking team of experts so we have created a new Minister for Cups of Conversation, Connection & Community. We have decided to appoint as Minister, the more than qualified Lord Colin Murray to head this new cubbyhole in our overcrowded cabinet*
*The key to our party cabinet has now been taken away from Lord Murray in an attempt to prevent any future transgressions.
Agent Chinners

Defections in Bury

We are in the process of Offering Christian Wakeford M.P the Member of Parliament for Bury a chance to cross the floor and join the Official Monster Raving Loony Party as our Shadow Minister for Turncoats and Swoppsies.

New Year Loony Honours

As ever, we like to recognise those that have been overlooked by in the annual bribe or buy gong system. Not only are the following deserving recipients now worthy title holders, they also have an OFFICIAL Loony Ministry to maintain for future generations. This year we decided to go back to our roots as the true party that supports Rock n Roll.
Lord James Blunt
Minister of Self Deprecation of Twitter Lost Souls
Lady KT Tunstall
Minister of Evil Eyes that may struggle to Hear
Lord Justin Hawkins
Minister of Sutch Lightness Falsettos

Happy / Loony New Year to you all.

Sorry this message is a bit late, unfortunately I have been flooded out of my flat, and am living in the local Premier Inn until repairs are completed. I haven’t had access to my computer.
This year started where the last one finished, Locked Down, Locked Out and Locked up. Until May that was, then we were all up and running for the local elections. May 6th saw The Flying Brick contesting the Hartlepool Parliamentary By-election. Plus an ‘Asylum of Loonys’ contesting various Town and Parish elections around the country, of which we came out with 6 seats, very well done to you all.
September saw us all converge on Louth Lincolnshire for our annual conference, all went well, and a great time was had by all.
December turned out to be a very good month for us, two by-elections in a fortnight. Firstly Bexley and Sidcup in Greater London Dec 2nd, Mad Mike Young was a great ‘Defender of our Faith’ and put on a great show, with the help of myself and our local party members from that area.
Dec 16th I was the candidate in Shropshire North coming 8th from 14 candidates, once again with The Brick being my agent and local party members joining in.
The Guinness Book of Records have now accepted my claim to being the longest serving Parliamentary Party Leader in GB, having just usurped Clement Attlee, who funnily enough once live in Fleet Hampshire where I do. He did 21 years, I have now been leader for 22 years, so will be in the GBR the next issue later this year. Thanks to my publicist Sir Derrill Carr.
Conference this year not finalised as yet, but will be soon. Keep an eye on the web site.
Once again thanks to all who have obtained a copy of my autobiography ‘The Great White Hope’, if you don’t have a copy as yet, it can be arranged, an autographed book. Call 07946292557 for more details.
See you all somewhere later in the year. Stay Loony
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader

Solent Loonys

Two ‘Loony Likely Lads’ with a combined age of 150+ years from the Gosport Parliamentary Constituency area, which is a marine location, have launched a campaign, which though at one time was becalmed and ‘holed below the water line’ has suddenly got the ‘wind back in its sails’.
You see, Lord Charles OF Hill Head and Sir Toby Jugg (with 2 ‘g’s) from Hill Head and Lee-on-the-Solent (both in Hampshire) respectively are co-founders of the Solent Region OMRLP.
They are intent on raising the profile of the party, by increasing membership and encouraging candidates to stand in local and parliamentary elections.
Lord Charles is on the left holding a giant yellow voting ‘stick’ with its ‘built in’ cross ‘X’. Sir Toby is standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with him. Their region embraces the following locations:
Southampton, Test Valley, Eastleigh, Portsmouth, Chichester, Havant, Isle of Wight, New Forest as well as, the area covered by Hampshire County Council and the area covered by West Sussex County Council.
Sir Toby and Lord Charles would love to hear from any already ‘paid up’ Loony Members or prospective new members on their ‘patch’.
Charlie can be contacted on and Jack on

Loony New Year Honours

Our 3 worthy recipients of the 2022 Loony New Year Honours , however as an extra bit of fun, the Ministry for Lord James Blunt will be decided by a Twitter poll which closes around tea-time on New Year’s day!
>>Lord James Blunt Twitter Poll<<

Christmas Greetings From The Isles of Deliberation

All the gang from The Isles Of Deliberation Party would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year. Many congratulations to all those stalwart Loonies who took part in elections across the country this past year and Boris ‘The Bumbling Oaf’ must be quaking in his shoes at the prospect of a looming victory somewhere soon for the OMRLP.
Our Island is still being bullied by the cowardly French Government and their even nastier fishermen who are hell bent on sinking the Jersey Fleet! However, the Isles Of Deliberation Party Defence Corps are ready to sally forth and execute ‘Operation Oran’ on the frog fishing fleet tied up in St. Malo and Cherbourg. (Look up what the British did to the French fleet in Oran during WW2!)
We also had a visit from Professor Retard and Tiger – Earl of for a week and a rousing time was had by all with a stonking “Run Ashore” to finish it off – perhaps it is time we had the conference here again!? I was also in Ashburton a while ago and was repeatedly asked by the Old Timers when we were going to have a conference in the HQ town again. Bring it on!! Also my best to Joe Jammer who was not well recently but is back on the road again now – always a pleasure talking to you on the phone Joe.
Have a cracking time everyone and please make sure you contact us if any of you visit here – it will be of the greatest pleasure to entertain you and partake of liquid refreshment if you so desire.
The Jersey Flyer – Chairman OMRLP
Chief Isles Of Deliberation Loony