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Black is White and White is Black

The Flying Brick

2022 Just Flew

I guess it was because we were back doing what we do best, making the other Politicians stand against us. We’d missed that for a couple of years.
In March we all descended on Erdington in Birmingham for a By-election, our candidate was The Good Knight Sir Nosda, he held up our tradition of not winning, but not coming last either.
May saw in the local elections, we had an asylum of loony’s standing in the Chessington area, plus 6 in other areas around the country. Our leader Howling ‘Laud’ Hope kept his seat on Fleet Town Hants, but alas we only retained 5 councillors from our 6. Norm the Storm in West Grinstead Sussex decided, to retire, we wish him well.
Bolney Ward in Sussex also saw a by-election with our candidate Baron Von Thunderclap putting on the style and coming 4th out of six.
Our 38th Loony Party Conference was a great success up in Coalville in Leicestershire, thanks to The Victoria Music Rooms and Landlord John Commons.
Our grand finale of the year was in December when we again all converged in Chester for the City by election, Our candidate was our leader The Howling ‘Laud’. A great result, keeping up our tradition, once again, not first, but not last, 10th from 15 candidates.
Our next outing will be some time in Feb 2023, a by-election being called in the West Lancashire seat, Ormskirk being the main town. We shall be there, anybody in that area who wants to join in, let us know.
Look at – – to read more about the above events.
A couple of sadder notes from the year, the loss of our Dear Queen Elizabeth – God save the King. Plus the loss of our close friend ‘Bus Pass Elvis, not a party member, but we were both on the same side of politics.
Just another note of interest, it is now recognised that Howling ‘Laud’ Hope has actually stood in 9 General Elections, in his total of 30 Parliamentary elections. More General Elections than any one else on record. And more to come Hopefully.
Conference 2023 in the making at the moment, not to sure where, but will be 28-29-30th Sept, for your diary.
We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but until we meet again . . . Happy New Year my friends, see you all soon.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader

New Years Honours 2023

As is customary, OFFICIAL Loony Ministries have been awarded to worthy recipients for several years now with previous bestowments given to The Nolans, Mike Batt, KT Tunstall, Justin Hawkings, James Blunt and Scarlett Bouvier amongst others. In no particular order, we can now reveal the class of 2023 . . .

Lord Captain Sensible – Minister of Noise.
Along with band mate Dave Vanian, he once carried the coffin of our Spiritual leader, Screaming Lord Sutch, at the Nashville Rooms, gently depositing him on stage in front of the microphone . . . upside down! In light of the other main political parties encroaching on our territory we also feel it is about time that we had a sensible Lord.

Lady Sophie Green – Minister for Conserving Leopards Spots.
An astounding wildlife artist with a passion for conservation, our party colours will be safe in her hands. We chose the colours of the leopard as unlike other political party’s, we never change our spots.

Dr Brian May – Minister of the Badger Starfleet in the Sky at Night returning Back to the Light.
Replacing former Loony Minister, the late, great Patrick Moore, has been a long & difficult process for us. The logic of choosing one of his astronomical friends to plug this black hole seems to have passed over our heads like a shooting star until recently. Needless to say, we are now royally proud to have finally filled this void in our party cabinet.

An honourable mention goes, once again, to all those fantastic members of the NHS who will all be suitably rewarded once we are in Government but until then we will reduce the alphabet to just 23 letters in recognition of the other main political parties, who have sadly, been ignoring the letters N, H & S for far too many years now.

Political Cartoon by The Flying Brick

Chester By-election Roundup

Didn’t we do well, not coming last once again – he he.

I spent 10 days there embedded in the Wetherspoon ‘Bull and Stirrup’ Hotel. An excellent Party Political HQ, with the kind permission of Sir Tim Martin.

Word soon got around the city that I was there, many people came in / dropped by to say hello. If all those that said that they would vote for me had done so I would have won!

But there it is, I kept our flag flying with the help of my agent ‘Nick the Flying Brick’, superb job as always.

The Brick, Mr RU Seerius, Lady Hel ‘n Bak, Sheikh Mihand and Red Rocket Ron Stevenson were all there on the count night. Once again we stars of the show, with cameras flashing and everybody pleased to see us.

Every candidate was happy and shaking hands, “hello how are you?”, that is until someone wins.
Did you see the look on the Labour winner’s face when I shook her hand. She is now an MP helping to run country for all of us, no matter which party I belong to. I think this was pointed out to her, by more than a couple of people.

Our next foray will be sometime in the New Year, Jan/ Feb not too sure as yet. It will be in The West Lancs constituency and Ormskirk is the central town. Keep an eye on our web site – I shall see you all there if not before my friends.

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader.

Bus Pass Elvis

#LoonyLotto is Back!

For one month only, our Prize-Winning series of fun, games and Loonyness returns to Twitter. Run in conjunction with some of our celebrity Ministers, this is your chance to win merchandise, Loony membership and other prizes.