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As you are all well aware, this years conference has been called off. Thanks for all your messages of support and condolences, the Loony Party will be back!
Many of you were waiting for the conference to buy a copy of the Loony Party Illustrious Leader’s autobiography ‘The Great White Hope’ but all is not lost. Howling Laud will post a personally signed copy. For the princely sum of £12.50, p+p inclusive, by cheque or by bank transfer. Call him on 07946 292 557 for details!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope.

Conference 2020 is Cancelled

It is with great sadness and not very much gladness that I have to inform you all, that this year’s conference in Louth, Lincolnshire, 24-25-26 September, has been cancelled. Blame it on Dr Covid, coming in here and upsetting all our plans, how dare he.
I have informed all the acts that were booked, and the accommodation that was joining in with us, but if you are booked in of your own accord somewhere, please inform them ASAP. We shall want to go back at a future date, please don’t let anybody down.
I was waiting until August 1st to find out the situation, but my arm was twisted today by the Government announcement that ‘Social Distancing’ will be in operation until 1st October at least, if not longer. Under those circumstances, it just wasn’t going to work.
I know we were all looking forward to it, only 9 weeks away, but there it is, nobody more sorrowful than me. This would have been our 37th party conference.
Never mind, lets hope its for the best, see you all again sometime, look after yourselves.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader.

The Great White Hope – The book

Alan ‘Howling Laud’ Hope – Hampshire lad, father, grandfather, Rock and Roll star, hotelier, publican, Mayor of Ashburton, and Leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. The longest serving Party Leader in Great Britain in over 150 years.
This book charts the history of the Loony Party from its conception in 1982 and annual conferences, his complete record at major elections and lots of new stories and information about his great friend Screaming Lord Sutch.
A man who has rubbed shoulders with Prime Ministers and Rock Stars, and everyone in between. A man who enjoys life. A life of many highs, and some lows.
If you have an interest in politics, are excited by Rock and Roll, or both, you should read this book and trace Alan’s life from the birth of Rock and Roll to today’s political confusions. And for the very first time, you can read the full story of when Alan sent The Beatles packing with their tails between their legs in December 1961.
Call 07946 292557 if you would like a personally signed copy by post.
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#LoonyLotto’s Final Lockdown for New Teenager Ministers.

Our Twitter lockdown fun & games came to a final hurrah on Saturday 20th June as the Government relaxed the locks from the barn door that let the horses bolt 3 months earlier. Over 500 people participated in the daily plethora of fun and games with over 100 badges and OFFICIAL Loony prizes being given out. As part of the fun, 6 new Loony Ministers were OFFICIALLY approved for their duties once we form the next Government.

Lord Matthew Wright – Minister of Wrights, Wrongs & Lefts
Rev Doctor Jackson – Minister of Love, Peace & Bananas
Dear Lord Tim Lovejoy – Minister of Schoolboy Errors
Lord Ray Dorset – Minister of Blue Skies & the Summertime
Radio Alty’s Pete & Tom – Ministers of Donut Radio’s Inside Pastries (DRIPs)

We thank all the special guests that took part, especially the special #LoonyQT panel & our new Minister’s who took the time to judge some of the competitions and interact with many of our followers during the games. A final big thank you goes to the TISWAS Online team for their weekly contribution to the games along with some fantastic interviews & clips every Saturday morning whilst raising money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

We salute you all! #StayAlert #StayLoony


#LoonyQT – Live on Twitter Thurs 14th May, 8.15pm?

Question Time has been the BBC’s “flagship” political program since it was first broadcast back in 1979. It has had 4 main presenters in Sir Robin Day, Peter Sissons, David Dimbleby and current host Fiona Bruce. Historically is has generally had a panel of 5, made up of politicians of the established #LabLibCon trick parties with the occasional token second layer from the SDP & SNP parties along with senior business owners, members of the Church or political journalists.

In recent years, perceived fringe parties sutch as the Green, Plaid Cymru, BNP, Respect & ChangeUK have appeared along with a plethora of appearance’s from the UKIP & Brexit incarnations. Many of these later parties having exactly the same number of MP’s as The OFFICIAL Monster Raving Loony Party, who, ironically have had more of their ideas passed into law than all these ‘fringe’ parties put together!

So after 38 years of waiting, the only thing to do now is hold our own #LoonyQT
We have some fantastic guests lined up for the panel, all whom have been brilliant sports in
agreeing to take part in this as solidarity of what is known as democracy.

On Thursday 14th May at 8.15pm, the cross party panel along with journalists, comedians, celebs and of course OFFICIAL Loony Ministers, will answer 8-10 of your submitted questions as a part of our mission to take people’s minds, however briefly, off the current situation affecting not just the UK, but the whole planet!?

Questions should be sent to us either by DM on Twitter or emailed to by Tue 12th May. All senders of the selected questions asked during #LoonyQT will receive a special Loony Joker Pass which will give ridiculous benefits for the remainder of our #LoonyLotto series of fun & games

The Loony Party Oh-Oh Song

Queen Loony Lotto

Today’s competition has been endorsed and will be judged by Queens Fan club and Brian May!