Batley & Spen By-election

Howling Laud Hope our party leader is standing for the Batley & Spen by-election on the 1st July. This achievement is entirely due to our Gilly Nicholls, ably helped by Sir Archibald Stanton, collecting the ten nominations.
Howling’s election agent Nick the Incredible Flying Brick is seen here learning a thing or two from Harold Wilson just after submitting the papers. Photo taken by Sir Archibald Stanton.
Voters of Batley & Spen vote for Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – you know it makes sense!
Nick the Incredible Flying Brick

Making Political History

The ‘Social Democrat Party’ was formed in 1981, a year before ‘The Loony Party’ in 1982. SDP consisted of breakaway Labour members
Dr David Owen, Roy Jenkins, Shirley Williams and Bill Rogers. Some Conservatives joined in as time went by. They were going great guns until May1990. A by election was called in Bootle Liverpool, SDP expecting to do well, well, they didn’t do at all. Michael Carr- Labour won, but Monster Raving Loony 418, SDP 155 brought gasps of amazement from the whole political world. Dr David Owen was on TV next day saying that “the MRLP played no small part in his mind to wind the SDP party up”.
The story doesn’t end there, Michael Carr unfortunately passed away, so another Bootle by-election in Nov 1990. This time Labour held the seat, SDP didn’t stand, but our Monster Raving Loony Party got 310 – Lib Dems 291, once again smiles and smirks all around.
SDP didn’t really raise their heads again until 2019 in Peterborough, bets were flying would the loony beat them again. No not this time, SDP 135 – Loony112, not much in it. William Clouston the now leader of SDP was so pleased, it can’t happen again he said.
Well It has happened again in the recent By-election in Hartlepool May 2021 Monster Raving Loony Party108 – SDP 104.
Two more By-elections Looming shortly, Amersham and Chesham, Bucks. Batley and Spen Yorks. Myself, The Howling ‘Laud’, and William Clouston as party leaders, will have the same bet. Its all good fun !
Keep an eye on us.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader.

13 – Lucky for some! Election in Chessington South

All 48 councillor seats in Kingston Upon Thames are up for election in 2022, until one of the Lib Dems decided they had had enough and stepped down meaning a by-election on May 6th 2021 was declared for the ward in Chessington South. The Lib Dems choose a former Labour MP as their candidate and bizarrely Labour choose to field the son of the Lib Dem councillor that had just resigned! With Covid allowances coming into play, meaning only 2 signatures were required, the opportunity was too good to miss so The OFFICIAL Monster Raving Loony Party decided to put up 13 candidates, all regulars in the Lucky Rover Pub . . . the Lucky 13
A uniform in the form of a Santa outfit was chosen to reflect our policy of moving the Christmas Day people had missed out celebrating to May 6th! A Christmas Eve victory party was duly organised with an outdoor acoustic performance by local legend Robin Bibi and a posse from the Green party joined in the celebrations.
Christmas and Boxing Day came and went with the count being held on Sat 8th May at Kensington Olympia along with the London Mayor election count. After a nervous 20 minutes wait to get in (none of us had any ID with our commonly known names!) we were in and surveyed the growing pile of OFFICIAL Loony votes in the trays. We then realised that due to space restrictions, all our votes were in the same tray so they had to do a second count just for us!!

A heart-warming total of 92 votes were secured (see the breakdown elsewhere on this website) with our two brothers ‘winning’ with 1 vote apiece, whilst 6 of our 13 secured more votes each that the 7 obtained by the Trade Union & Socialist candidate!
Our congratulations go to the Returning Officer for his deadpan delivery of our party name . . . 13 times!

Arms were raised, cheers were made and backs were duly slapped for an election full of Loony records.
Needless to say I thank the stars of the show (the candidates) and the support of LandLADY LUCKY & LandLORD ROVER during the whole of this campaign.

The 2022 elections will see the more conventional approach with just 48 candidates . . . . with just one in each ward!

Hartlepool By-election

It’s a wonderful thing when seventeen years separate two visits but the hospitality and generosity remain the same!
I must thank my agent George Stuart aka Sir Adrian Wall and his wife Dotty for a first class welcome and all the regulars outside ‘The Bowline’ on the Marina for a great pre-election victory celebration. The weather was cold but the hospitality was warm. It was a great start to what turned out to be a long but enjoyable Thursday night.
All parliamentary by-election counts are different but Hartlepool count was quite exceptionally strange. It was most notable for the length of time the count took and by the end of it the exhaustion of the counting tellers, elections staff and Denise McGuckin the Returning Officer. The ballot verification didn’t happen till after three in the morning, and at this time I decided that the best course of action was to slip away back to my room in the Douglas Hotel for a couple of hours sleep.

Photo by Oliver Gerald

At seven in the morning a frazzled Denise McGuckin invited the candidates and election agents to the back of the stage where she showed us a pile of spoilt papers. She suggested to us that the Conservative landslide was so immense and that the hour was so late that there was surely no point in going through them and would we mind stepping up to the stage for the result. Feeling fresh as a daisy I skipped on claiming prize spot!
It was a shame to beat the ‘Freedom Party’ as they were a spirited and young posse. I’ve been told that I set a new record for the largest number of votes ever cast for any candidate in 14th place in a Parliamentary by-election in the United Kingdom!
Nick the Incredible Flying Brick

Results of the May 6th Elections 2021

Hartlepool Parliamentary by-Election
Nick the Incredible Flying Brick – 108

Local Government

  • Howling ‘Laud’ Hope Fleet Central, Hants – 71
  • Barmy Lord Brockman Evesham N+W – 88
  • Barmy Lord Brockman Worcester County – 163
  • Trevor Allman Greenwich West – 110
  • Whacky Whyte Witch B/way + C/wickham – 87
  • Sir Offa Ones Rocker Evesham South – 63
  • Miss young Powerhouse Fleet East, Hants – 123
  • Merv the Karaoke Kid Baguley Manchester – 54
  • Baron Von Thunderclap W/Sussex County – 122
  • Mr Badaxe Brancombe + N/Beeston, Notts – 50
  • Lord Cameron Brooklands Manchester – 51
  • Tony ‘Shannocks Poet’ Sherringham Norfolk – 45

Plus The Lucky 13 in Chessington South

  • Baron Von Auchenbach – 8
  • Undertaking Director Brunskill – 16
  • A.Gent Chinners – 12
  • Captain Coiley – 13
  • Casual Count of Corinthian – 6
  • Colonel Cramps – 14
  • Duke Diddy Dobbs – 8
  • Landlady Lucky – 2
  • Landlord Lucky – 3
  • Kingstonian Newt – 6
  • Lady Dave – 2
  • Robbie the Radical Recyclist – 1
  • Sam Squatch – 1

Great news – Sir Giles Greenwood, won a seat on the Kemberton, Bridgenorth Council. ‘Unopposed’.
Plus another of our long standing members ‘Monkey the Drummer’ stood for his local Residents Association in Molesey, Surrey, and won, beating the Conservative. He’s still pinching himself, can’t get over it!

So to sum up the situation our ‘Loony Party’ now holds 6 seats.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Fleet Town, Hampshire
Baron Von Thunderclap – Bolney Parish, Sussex
Norm the Storm – W/Grinstead + Partridge Green
Sarah Mad Cow – Lower Carlton, Lincs
The Iconic Arty Pole – Great Carlton, Lincs
Sir Giles Greenwood – Kemberton, Bridgenorth

Jolly good show my friends, see you all at the conference in September. Until then – Loony On!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader

Chinners on the campaign trail

Our intrepid candidate Chinners has been very busy organising the loony candidates for the council elections in his area Kingston -upon -Thames.
Some of his manicfesto commitments include:

  • On the 21st of June we will reduce social distancing measurements. From this day, the Sun will be permitted to only be 92,957,000 miles from the Earth
  • Protecting the Green belt by renaming it to the black belt so no one messes with it.
  • Stop piling up tarmac on the roads in the form of speed humps and put it in the holes.

BUT more importantly he has managed to get 13. . . yes 13 candidates to stand all at the same place at the same time. A World 1st for Chinners and the loony Party

Well done Chinners . . .

Loony Candidates for Thurs 6th May 2021 Elections

Nick the Incredible Flying Brick – Hartlepool Parliamentary
Local, District and County
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Hart District, Hampshire.
Barmy Lord Brockman – Evesham North & West
Barmy Lord Brockman – Evesham Worcester County
Wacky Whyte Witch – Broadway & Childswickham
Sir Offa Ones Rocker – Evesham South
Trevor Allman – Greenwich West
Miss Young Powerhouse – Fleet East, Hampshire
Baron Von Thunderclap – West Sussex County
Merve the Karaoke Kid – Baguley Manchester
Mr Badaxe – Nottingham County
Lord Cameron – Brooklands, Manchester
Tony ‘Shannocks Poet’ Bolster – Sherringham, Norfolk County
Sir Giles Greenwood – Harrington Ward, Bridgnorth, Shrops.

Below are the LUCKY 13 from the Lucky Rover pub. All these candidates are standing for the Loony Party in the Kingston Upon Thames Chessington South Ward.
landLADY Lucky
landLORD Rover
Casual Count of Corinthian
Duke Diddy Dodd
A. Gent Chinners
Kingstonian Newt
Baron Von Achenbach
Lady Dave
Captain Coily
Colonel Cramps
Undertaking Director Brunskill
Sam Squatch
Rev. Robbie the Radical Recyclist

Its not to late, still a few days left, papers must be in by April 8th, but you can’t stand for us unless you get permission from party.
Call 07946292557 for more info!

Manicfesto for Hartlepool

I am very pleased to be standing for Hartlepool in the by-election happening on the 6th of May. Just like everyone else I have been locked away for too long and am really looking forward to coming up to Hartlepool in a few weeks to win votes for the Loony Party. I am hoping to knock the Labour ‘red wall’ down with a loony landslide and replace it with a yellow hedgerow of insanity.
I would very much like to thank my election agent George Stuart, aka ‘Sir Adrian Wall’, our minister for Scottish Widows and other Highland affairs, and ‘Dotty Dot’ for collecting the ten nominations.
We’ve all been inside for too long, I’ve had my first jab and looking forward to my second vaccination and after the election I very much hope to be Hartlepool’s next MP!
I am a single issue politician,and have had a long-standing campaign for the abolition of gravity.
My other policies:

  • The Houses of Parliament will be relocated next to Hartlepool Marina.
  • To halt the spread of new Covid variants all international travel will be by paddle steamer.
  • We will enrol the Hartlepool ‘Victoria Arms’ darts team to speed up the pace of the vaccination program.
  • Hartlepool Golf Club will be re-developed into an intergalactic space port.
  • Visiting EU officials in Brexit trade talks with the UK will be required to wear a Darlington football strip. This will ruin their game.
  • Return the British currency to pounds, shillings, pence, farthings and groats. Rural villages such as Hart can resume trade in shiny beads.
  • The Official Monster Raving Loony Party would create fifty trillion pounds through quantitative easing and give all voters free lunch and complimentary drinks for ever.
  • The Loony Party will issue ‘looncoin’ a crypto currency based on ‘bitcoin’ as a reserve currency just in case the fifty trillion pounds quantitative easing doesn’t work.
  • All our remaining gold reserves will be placed on the last race at the Sedgefield Races in a bid to reduce the national debt.
  • Coastal fishing will be made a spectator sport by introducing saltwater crocodiles into Hartlepool Bay.

Nick the Incredible Flying Brick